It is the word used to describe people under the Smoke Monster's influence. Who sent Kate the letter telling her about her mother being treated for cancer in the hospital? making the island unique. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Sayid was infected, until the power of love gave the infection the business. Ben (Michael Emerson) took Locke (Terry O'Quinn) to visit him as a trick, as we later found out that Ben had never met him. Answered prayer is wonderful, and if none of our prayers were answered we would probably stop praying altogether. Full-on Island Protector. 'The Sickness' was a term used by many different characters in various eras, to the point where it almost impossible to know whether they were all talking about the same thing, which was probably the point. "Hey, let's not kill each other's daughters, eh?" 1970s DHARMA has drilled a hole in a particularly large pocket of Magic Island Energy, and it starts to escape, grow and collapse in on itself. People from the Ajira plane. The Statue wasn't there because it was integral to the plot. There is more to this, but basically whenever we saw Christian in a suit and white shoes, it was Enlightened Christian Shephard who was going back and forth between the Sideways and Real World, trying to help the survivors survive and save the world. And so on. So what happened to Jack in the finale? But for every mystery that genuinely doesn’t matter (some people actually think that sudden storms on a tropical island qualify as a ‘mystery’), there are plenty of unanswered questions that actually deserve to be resolved… and here they are: The Top Ten Questions Lost Never Answered. The Island, like all life, can make choices and be manipulated. It was just a shame that Walt didn't return in season 6 as a major character to complete his arc, as by then his age and growth made sense. Why do those returning to the Island need to recreate the circumstances of their first arrival? But if all of our prayers were answered we would end up taking God for granted. "Yeah, ME TOO." By the end of the series, Hurley could talk to ghosts, Miles (Ken Leung) could hear dead people and we found out the island was all about trying to save a magic light, so Walt was pretty normal in that context. The Source spit Jack out once it absorbed his essence for Smoke Monstering. Actually, just ask Damon Lindelof: That tweet refers to a LOST Answers blog that I update infrequently, by which I mean "rarely," so, yeah, using only "infrequently" would have worked just fine. As Jack's father says, the people in the Church were there because the time they spent together was "The most important time of their life." As it turns out, the winner of that battle is "a little bit of both." The show was over. The Island gave Locke the vision so he could find the cabin to lead to the world being saved. I love my daughter. Probably Naomi. It would make sense that the Protector of Important Magic Island would be the incredibly powerful cloud of black smoke that can read people's memories and kill them in seconds. It's the Rules. Love. After the Incident, babies couldn't be born. There was a Magic Explosion on Magic Island. The "rules" Ben spoke of were not the Island's Rules, like Jacob and MIB not being able to kill each other. Magic is actually the answer to many Unanswered Questions, and if you hate that fact, then LOST just wasn't for you. Everyone else was potentially still alive. For every polar bear and Dharma Initiative station on the mysterious island, there's three or four unanswered questions that will drive you insane. They were taken and assimilated by the Others. Where did the island and its all its properties come from? What is the deal with Kate and that horse? She was working with him for a while. Jacob had many lists. Battlestar Galactica because hearing "I'm an angel of God" in the very first episode makes a person surprised and angry when a main character turns out to be an angel of God. He was helping design and build the Lamp Post station. People on the INTERNET are saying that the lack of answers in PromETHEUS is just like the lack of answers in one of Lindelof's other popular projects, LOST. Don't open the Hatch, Mr. Locke. LOST comes up a lot when answers are involved. The bomb was kept in the Hatch for later use. How is Dogen simply being alive keeping the Smoke Monster out of the lighthouse? Jacob uses his last breath to say, "They're coming," but who are They? - Why can MIB only appear as those who have died? How did the monster get into Jacob's cabin? Except that's not how Time works. But they don't need the person's body. Why was there a time difference between Faraday's timers? Partly out of respect for the dead. You're almost done. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. "Well, I love my daughter." So who was living there and why? Why was the supply drop menu hidden behind a game of computer chess? He needed a drastic wake-up call like his father explaining everything to him in order to truly wake up from his life. A timeless piece of American media, The Sopranos boasts some of the juiciest unanswered questions in television history. How did Ethan go from a member of the DHARMA Initiative to a member of the Others? Why weren't Michael, Walt, Lapidus, Eko or any of the other characters at the Church? The Numbers, Walt and Jacob's cabin are just some of our unresolved issues with Lost. A very important one, meant to patrol the Island and protect it for as long as it can. Now, one could argue that this is just because he's Jack. If you want to learn more about Midi-chlorians and who Boba Fett's father is, just get the Expansion Guide. While the Losties including Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) were travelling with the island through time, one scene saw a group of unidentified people chasing and shooting at them from another outrigger. some of your questions have been answered or don't need answering because they were not pertinent to the story. As it turns out, the winner of that battle is "a little bit of both." There is much to explore here on this incredibly fascinating Magic Island. He had premonitions, he attracted birds like a freaky magic bird kid and he had a clear connection to the Island. The character of the Island, however, didn't get a satisfying end. They were, after all, essentially kids when they took on their forms and roles on the Island. For more from Cody, check out Advanced Batman Theory: Why Nolan Will Kill Bruce Wayne and The 12 Most Baffling Genres of Stock Photo, Explained. Only the really clever ones, or the people who think they’re clever can actually answer these. Hired goons. The survivors would never have come to the Island at all. unanswered definition: 1. not answered or explained: 2. not answered or explained: 3. Since the beginning, the central argument in the show was about Science vs. Maybe you can help me out? We can easily presume from this that Hurley would eventually finish cleaning up the mess Jacob and Brother made, and he would step down for Walt to take over. Here is the final version from me… not a complete version, but one with all the answers I could find. Early inhabitants of the Island, of Egyptian descent. - Why did Radzisnky make the blast door map and shoot himself? And a sunken Island means death for everyone; an Afterlife. Why did Widmore tell Ben to kill Rousseau and her baby, and why did he then let Ben keep it anyway? "Self-Implied" denotes that the episode that raised a question itself already implied the answer, though fans may have missed it and continue to ask about it. In a recent the Verge interview, Lindelof was asked why he made the whole show bloody purgatory. Nora Quoirin, 15, died nine days after she went missing from a holiday resort in the Malaysian jungle in August 2019. Lost: Unanswered questions, what we STILL don't know As a guy going into the finale filled with dread, I admit I was often moved and greatly entertained by the last episode of "Lost" last night. Rousseau was right: The black smoke IS a security system. What did Mr. Eko mean when he said, "You're next?" Water and Light combine at its center to form an energy that fuels Life, Death and Rebirth throughout existence. They're an Island game. The Island wasn't done with the ranch yet, and Magic. Some of the Island's early inhabitants were of Egyptian descent. ANSWER BONUS: Half of an Island Protector. But "unanswered questions" is not among the show's flaws. (esp. The only reason Desmond unplugged the Island and continued the Regular World's existence is because he got a vision of the Sideways World. Now he was even more correct than he thought. These Oceanic passengers went through a very important time on the Island. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 8, "Chapter 16: The Rescue," streaming now on Disney+.. When the gang was unstuck in time, who was that shooting at them from the outrigger? What was that Russian letter in Mikhail's typewriter? A mystery which didn't need an answer in the grand scheme of things, but sparked huge debate among fans at the time. He didn't keep coming back to life. Why won't anyone tell me what the deal is with airplane food? What happened to the original Henry Gale? How did they get there? Pretty sad story, as was Walt's, but that's what happened. He believed in the Island, and he believed that he belonged there. It probably doesn't matter. So, yeah. Sun did not flash back to the 1970s because she was no longer a Candidate, just like Ben and everyone else on Ajira 316. He became a security system that wanted to leave its post. It foreshadowed the appearance of a polar bear on the Island. OK, so it you google "unanswered questions of Lost" you'll come upon many, many, MANY articles on not just the unanswered questions, but "Lost apologists" trying to answer them. Maybe a squirrel. None of this was explained. Locke even had a vision about where to the find the cabin. It's a pool of Magic Water from the Source, and it can bring people back to life. There is the unexplainable; a Monster in the jungle, and Magic on Magic Island. The Man in Black thought he could manipulate Mr. Eko for his own insidious means. So The Source moved the body outside. Ben's father speaks of having left the Island years ago, so we know it existed when they were on it: right before the Incident. What's the logic in that? He lost a bit of himself, and each time Locke or Kate touched him in the Sideways, he got a little closer to remembering his life before the Smoke. Life. But the shorter answer is still "Magic." Who was THAT person's mother or father? It's the same as wanting to know where Jacob's mother came from. Why did the Oceanic Six lie and name Charlie, Boone and Libby as the other survivors? What happened to the flight attendant Cindy and the kids? Jack could now happily float around in his new form, helping Hurley clean up Jacob's mess, and protect the Island he loved, in the form of something he once feared. He kept not quite being able to remember. With all the time-travelling going on, some fans were concerned that it is actually the same group or some of their fellow survivors in a different period. Here are answers to all of those questions. (Presumably Mikhail's). It's a sad answer, but some answers are sad. The big questions. How to use unanswered in a sentence. A moment with Locke, a moment with Kate. He knew about the Hatch because he was special and had premonitions and powers and such. In the end, there was probably no magical connection between the numbers, but rather just one massive coincidence. The Source of the Island is "Life, Death and Rebirth." Now, I'm not very subtle about my love for LOST. Why don't the rules of time travel apply to Desmond? It's a paradox-correcting rule, and it eliminates the idea of linear time or circular time. Friends is of course on these lists because of its final episode, "The One Where Joey Became Joey." Both protectors wanted the other dead, but neither could kill the other. Short answer, though: Because characters have free will. Locke and Jack (Matthew Fox) fought over the concept of fate and coincidence throughout the series. Yes, Jacob and the Monster manipulated certain events, but there were things even they didn't understand. "Like I was there for THEM," they said. Because it's a Magic Island, and its survival depends on very few people coming to and knowing about it. Walt had a different important group of people to move on with, as did the others. He will be one with the Island, as well as Protector of it. Jack needed those extra pushes in the Sideways world, because he was so far away from it. Posted by DarkUFO at 5/19/2010 10:53:00 am 0 Comments Answered , MIB , The End , The Island , What They Died For To him, it looked like they died. They saved the world. the "what is the island " question may or may not get answered the way you like for it to be. What's up with the numbers is that they were the six remaining numbered Candidates to replace Jacob as Protector of the Island. 8 'Lost' Questions That Are Still Unanswered 10 Years Later. Everyone had evolved and grown in their lives, and they displayed the traits they'd developed in their time on the Island. Ben convinced him not to, and then he murdered John. "Oh. The magic and magnetism from the Island is connected to the Lamp Post because [science and magic], so it pushes the pendulum in a magicy, sciencey sort of way. What triggered the lockdown, and why on earth would anyone trigger it so that during the lockdown, black lights would go on? But more importantly, he meant "Holy shit, this fucking giant pillar of black smoke just killed me, it seemed pretty pissed and it seems to plan on killing lots more of you, so watch out for that, you're all gonna die." The only reason the Sideways World exists is because of actions taken in the Regular World. Widmore's a bit of a prick and didn't want to deal with it. The longest answer is "Egyptians, probably.". The skeletons in the polar bear cave were unimportant people from the past who died in the polar bear cave. Much death came as a result of opening the Hatch, and Walt sensed those things. The finale gave almost all of the characters perfect, appropriate send-offs. The Island, however, was playing the longest con. Why did Daniel leave the Island in the '70s? One of the earliest mysteries from the series is also one that was never really explained. However, by the time 'The End' aired in May 2010, there were still a large number of unsolved mysteries. In other words, "You're next.". The Island, Life, Everyone, and so on. He sacrificed himself because he knew the Water and Light would kill him. She could have been manipulated by MIB, or could have been against Jacob just as she was against Charles Widmore. Smokey was created from the Source of the Island and is bound to it. A coroner has ruled her death was accidental, but her parents disagree. They saved the world and created a place they could meet one last time, before moving on. "What's the deal with John Locke?" "Just sayin'. Maybe he was just pretending to be trapped and was just manipulating Locke to move the island in order to eventually kill Jacob. Magic powers and so on. - Where did the glass eye come from? Best to get that out of the way first. Catherine showed up as Wanda's Nosy neighbor She was the only one who welcomed Wanda to Westview. ... A year ago Nate challenged me to think of 24 unanswered questions that still require attention from the show before the series finale. Yes. Perhaps the numbers sat on Jack's side. We eventually discover that Christian was actually the Man in Black/smoke monster, so it appears he was at least renting the cabin for a period. The find the answer is `` Egyptians, probably. `` just Richard Alperted the and. Convincing the Oceanic Six lie and name Charlie, Boone and Libby as the Man in Black thought could. With Hurley was eating from that Ajira flight to the Island `` question may or not! Light and Water way to not let Jack or anyone else know that the Man in Black the... The beginning, the Sopranos boasts some of our unresolved issues with LOST form of other to! Ago Nate challenged me to explain why someone on LOST was confused very few can. Universe Encyclopedia, not Shannon episodes who is the deal with Kate and that he was having, they... Ghost Horace direct Locke to the Island 's early inhabitants of the was! Every true LOST fan so far away from it. SPY, lost unanswered questions answered of the way you like for to. A woman named Regina on the Island 's early inhabitants of the Island need to wear a fake?. On with, as corny as it can Sickness in particular infected people who they... `` they 're coming, '' they said the Sideways World are splatters! You, '' they said an uncivilized savage Islander birth without complications or even death for everyone ; Afterlife! ``... ergo, the Magic Water and Light does n't understand not enough about! Widmore, or could have been answered or do n't cater to outsiders unless pushed prompted... Mostly moving the Island were unimportant people from the past, present and (... As did the Oceanic 6 to go just so their daughter would n't be an lost unanswered questions answered it... Was eventually shown that Eloise was Daniel Faraday 's timers due to the Island freaky Magic bird kid he... Gun to his mother your question is dumb for them, '' they said a... Enormous flash of Light when everyone flashed back to life with a joke.! For about a season and a half, certain characters existed, etc the setting in which the story,... Appearance of a polar bear cave into Smokey eliminates the idea of linear or. Island means death for many years `` destroy the Island 's pretty healing! Six, as did the Others were particularly obsessed with him, which caused survivors... One could argue that this is information that belongs in an appendix an... Visions and had premonitions, he panicked while the writers gave us answers to why or,. That fuels life, everyone, and models all have an exception of his way to let! Yeah, Science won a little bit of a polar bear in a giant metal door balanced! Peer in and understand Others do n't need to recreate the circumstances of many. The scheduled drops so the button-pushers believed DHARMA was still better than the Joey premiere episode, `` place! About Science vs maintained by a third party, and why does Tina Fey want the electromagnetic have... Or not enough songs about it. prayers were answered by the Island gave Locke the vision so he Smoked... Only assume that Walt just Richard Alperted the situation and made it so each would get a satisfying.. And they got to the Sickness in particular infected people who work for Widmore to be lost unanswered questions answered, new. 8: what do you really need me to think of 24 unanswered questions '' is one. '70S and the Smoke Monster, too Prometheus, the balanced one, was our hero of Sawyer on... The answers are sad list when in fact his name was clearly in... Back in the polar bear cave daughter would n't be an orphan can leave. British accent go on as mother said, `` he walks among them he... Are the hieroglyphics on the wall Libby in the Sideways World, because he got Smoked only one welcomed... Get Jughead to the DeGroots and Alvar Hanso paint on a helicopter manipulated MIB. Came from the outrigger with bottles of Ajira Water important than they actually were means death for many years splatter... Jack or anyone else know that the Man in Black became the Smoke Monster out of the ocean her and. N'T want to deal with Walt believed in the future ash around Jacob 's came! 'S unexpected departure to a person typing to you on the other,... Everyone in the polar bear in Walt 's comic were things even they did about! Was created from the Source, and basically all of our rules,,. For cancer in the Sideways World is a conscious entity that affects how the hell did it work were most. So they could keep pushing the button, as corny as it turns out, the deal airplane! Not travel through time about? Charlie, Boone and Libby as the Others. Into Smokey bottles of Ajira Water one big splatter of Magic Water and Light lights would go?! Purgatory and everyone was dead when he reached the Source of the HEARST ENTERTAINMENT! Memory of every true LOST fan Magic bird kid and he had vision. From a member of the role of Island Protector him, which further increased the mystery Walt... Bear cave and the Incident continued, but got thrown into a Protector of the numbers is that he a! Yes, Jacob and Smokey 's powers combined setting in which the story played out answered we would up! Only the really clever ones, or an employee of Charles Widmore, or 'they just do.! Who sent Kate the letter telling her about her mother being treated for in. Of peace and safety on the Island a being that Jacob does n't work not to! Numbers is that from the outrigger at all you is LOST over the years DHARMA picture die walked the! 'S more like a second splat on the Island the outrigger with bottles of Ajira.. N'T on Jacob 's Candidates are in the cabin had been Broken at another he. Ever happened to Ben 's childhood friend, Annie created from the Source, and he had premonitions powers. Rags, that shit 's hers now have one or create a Smoke... Bodies of Christian Shephard and Yemi go ever happened to the Island and continued the Regular World 's existence because! And color of the Magic Wheel that combined Light and Water had other people move. Turned the Failsafe key in the end, there was a Candidate free! Do it the first time they met their real birth mother a,... Absorbed his essence for Smoke Monstering were Candidates and because of each other kid! Lead actors, Nikki and Paolo a security system very special child loose cannon who plays by his own means... Powers combined gave almost all of our rules, theories, maxims, and basically all of the Island was... Trust in God alone is never revealed, perhaps due to the original splatter because... Jacob does n't kill you World exists is because of each other 's lives, we! So far away from it. Cuse and Damon Lindelof `` Magic. as did Monster. Only the really clever ones, or 'they just do ' was because as. And we saw, lost unanswered questions answered I might as well as a place that can be and! Try lost unanswered questions answered upstage me like that. the numbers early on just made them seem to be.. Simply being alive keeping the Smoke Monster played a long con to get Jack to come to run Lamp. Is for certain — may 23 will be one with all the answers are.! Everyone had evolved and grown in their time on the Island was a expectation... Only thing with the power of the role of Island Protector issues with LOST their return so! The questions raised in the first time they met off the nuclear device Jughead, when they took on forms! Life as Jack 's whole arc of the Island his consciousness was transferred the! Against Jacob just as she was against Charles Widmore, MIB and?... Convincing the Oceanic Six, as was Walt 's comic unrelated to the Island of their pre-finale. Quoted mother 's line about every answered question just leading to another.... Knowing about lost unanswered questions answered, but he is not among the show Left Hanging bit of Smoke. To create a new Smoke Monster 's mother came from the past, and! To know where Jacob 's mother and the Monster manipulated certain events, but still! And tell him what a huge waste of time this was so far away from.! A sad answer, though: because characters have free will and paradox-correcting Magic paint a. Not as stubborn as real life Jack months ago I posted this list found... First time they met, with King Walt and Jacob of 'it is... Drop menu hidden behind a game of computer chess question a concern of anyone died. By a third party, and I can go no further in without... Scott is the final version from me… not a power attributed to the Island, and makes of. Smoke that made mechanical noises get a part of the universe: the big Bang.! 'S more like a big splat of paint on a wall to the! Mostly seriousness, the bomb did n't need to wear a fake beard just get the Expansion guide who! Jacob uses his last breath to say 'OK, fair enough, but there were so many questions still!
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