Officers from the Maryland State Police move into the city and are placed under the command of Baltimore City Police Commissioner Donald Pomerleau. • 9 a.m.—Prohibition on selling containers of flammable materials is lifted. Those who had broken out glass, or looted were tried one at a time. Most are charged with looting and burning. 0601 Army and National Guard officials were advised that the Baltimore school population was 205,300 (180,000) in response to their inquiry. • 4:20 p.m.—A black family driving by the area mentioned above is stoned. Agnew commits the National Guard. As we became more visible some of the rioters went on to their homes. The company had been called and our predicament explained. I saw blood was coming from his back. After meeting initial resistance, the union won official recognition from the university by the fall of 1968. Mayor D’Alesandro designated Monday as a city-wide day of mourning for Dr. King. There was a stairway on the north side of the building leading up to where the newspaper reporters had their office. *************************************************************. During a news conference he presses the federal government to pass a fair housing law and calls for Americans to begin electing persons to office based on their ability and not their skin color. Homicide 1 c/m dead in burned building 400 block Myrtle – Doddie Hudson. We had gone to headquarters building to get information on a guy we considered a suspect. 0608 Commissioner Pomerleau visited Emergency Headquarters Command Post and supervised the preparation of maps. We needed the long guns because just the sight of them had an effect on the rioters and they also spoke to snipers in that they could “reach out” further than a handgun when fired. No one was inside. 0920 The Civic Center reported an unsuccessful attempt by several prisoners to run away. I approached and handcuffed both of them and brought them back to the car. In the basement of the building there was a drive in area where departmental cars were gassed up. We apologize to no one for the conduct of operations. V. Stepter. . . National Guard will advise of plans when completed. Twenty shotguns are ordered sent up from the Armory, and four cruisers are sent to disperse a crowd of hundreds of youths at Ashland and Central Ave. At Monument and Bond, a pawn shop is looted. Many buildings and structures were also burned, as the streets of inner city Baltimore became engulfed in flames. He also proclaimed Sunday as a special day of prayer in Baltimore for Dr. King. A fire is reported in a tailor’s shop in the 2300 block of Greenmount. As of this day, Hopkins Hospital reports 74 lacerations, 12 gunshot wounds, one tear gas inhalation, three fractures, four stabbings, one bout of hysteria and two burnings resulting in death. Crowds gather to watch. Two stores on Greenmount in the 1200 block are burned. MSG #141. • 10:30 p.m.—Reports of sniper fire in the 4000 block Edmondson Ave. Sniper activity also at Baltimore and Monroe streets. • Late afternoon—Tensions rise between whites and blacks in the South Broadway area and along W. Pratt St. After one man objects to being frisked, police begin to use mace to subdue uncooperative curfew violators. devastated by a series of civil disturbances that left six dead, dozens injured and hundreds of properties, both private and public, burned, At Ashland and Broadway, a drycleaners is burned. 1433 Teletype received noting proclamation of Governor Agnew prohibiting sale of alcoholic beverages in counties of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard. A fire takes place in a store in the 900 block of W. North Ave.; it is burned along with three other buildings. • Night—Troops ordered to tuck away bayonets, a sign of easing tension. At 1838 hours, Phase #4 of the Department’s Mobilization Plan was activated. 2110 (Delayed entry) 1715 General Ogletree has National Guard companies in following locations available for assignment. Mayor Tommy D’Alessandro reports to a communication center at police headquarters at Fallsway and Fayette. Looting begins on Pennsylvania Ave. in the 1200-2000 blocks • 11:15 p.m.—National Guard troops move from the 5th Regiment Armory on trucks. 2110 In response to request of Commissioner Pomerleau General Ogletree advised the Guard would have 1,000 men mobilized within the hour at the Fifth Regiment Armory. A check of sporting goods and gun stores in the county reveals that residents were purchasing firearms and ammunition at an above-average rate on the previous Friday and Saturday as the threat of rioting in Baltimore mounted. 1235 Deputy Commissioner Poole contacted Brigadier General William Ogletree, Maryland National Guard, requesting assistance at Druid Hill Park on Easter Monday. . Looting at a liquor store at Baker St. and Fulton Ave. is reported. 1720 Disorderly crowds reported in the 400, 500 blocks of Gay Street. • 11 p.m.—By this time, police have arrested 100. • 2.30 p.m.—A grocery store and home at 1700 Madison Ave., looted Sunday night, are burned. I remember the riots in Baltimore City and the things that happened at that time. Six occupants were arrested at Madison and Forrest Streets. The Police Department would provide communications in order that the National Guard could be dispatched with cruising patrols accompanying in order to pick up prisoners and block of streets if necessary. 1337 Chief Battaglia reported the rally was breaking up with no incidents. We were very, very fortunate not to have more people killed. Grand total 5709. East Baltimore police send 400-500 Guardsmen armed with bayonets onto Aisquith to 25th St. to stop curfew violators. 2. The uprising included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and confronting the police and national guard. All quiet per Lieutenant Rawlings. MSG: County Police have monitored citizen band messages in the Hamilton area. The Baltimore riot of 1861 (also called the "Pratt Street Riots" and the "Pratt Street Massacre") was a civil conflict on Friday, April 19, 1861, on Pratt Street, in Baltimore, Maryland.It occurred between antiwar "Copperhead" Democrats (the largest party in Maryland) and other Southern/Confederate sympathizers on one side, and on the other, members of Massachusetts … At York Road and Woodbourne Ave., a window is smashed by a gang of roving youths. The first use of tear gas by National Guard takes place at the American Brewery complex. After noon a band of 75 youths armed with clubs and rocks march down Pratt and Frederick to the Westside shopping center. The Civic Center holds an overflow 800 prisoners. 1755 Shooting at 1900 Annapolis Road investigated by 817 Car – not sniper fire. Gangs are rumored to be using walkie-talkies to figure out where police and troops are. Other notables: There were seven reports of snipers after the 4 p.m. curfew, with sniper fire beginning in earnest after announcements were made about the situation being under control. The following number of calls for services were received from 0700 hours, 6 April 1968 to 0700, 12 April 1968: 0700, 6 April to 0700, 7 April – – – – – – 3, 963, 0700, 7 April to 0700, 8 April – – – – – – 4, 395, 0700, 8 April to 0700, 9 April – – – – – – 4, 736, 0700, 9 April to 0700, 10 April – – – – – – 2, 364, 0700, 10 April to 0700, 11 April – – – – – 1, 710, 0700, 11 April to 0700, 12 April – – – – – 1, 890, Total calls for services – – – – – – – – – – -19, 058. Looters take to the streets again shortly after that, raiding 18 stores and lighting nine 9 fires. • Morning— A “whirlwind tour” is taken by the mayor, who is accompanied by Sen. Joseph Tydings. 1915 (Delayed entry) Press release in response to Governor Agnew by Civil Rights leaders received by Director Morrissey from Dan Riker, Bureau Chief of Untied Press International. Disorderly crowds are reported in the 200 block of Edmondson Ave. and at Dukeland St. and Edmondson Ave. • 10 a.m.—More sniper fire at Aisquith and Curtain streets. Prisoners were also transported, in some instances, by vehicles provided for that purpose by the military authorities. In addition to the above, meals were being served at Eastern High School. • 11 p.m.—Brigade of federal troops moves from Druid Lake to the 5th Regiment Armory. 2 radio cars assigned to 12-hour shifts. Pennsylvania Ave. takes on the appearance of a “ghost town” according to published reports. There were quite a few small shops there. Deputy Commissioner Poole recommended that one section be deployed along Park Heights Avenue as far south as Park Circle. Adults weren’t the only ones looting and taking part in destruction of stores. 1842 Warning order given to National Guard. The number of injured reaches 600 shortly before dawn. All are false. Most serious areas are in the 1900 and 2300 blocks of E. Monument, the 700 and 900 blocks of N. Gay, and at the intersection of North and Greenmount Ave. Sunday April 7, 1968 • Midnight—Despite the curfew, looting and burning start up again. • 1:45 a.m.—City reported to be “relatively quiet.” Sniper fire at police cruisers is reported at N. Fulton and Lafayette Ave. Six stores are looted on Edmondson Ave. and Payson St. About 300 people mill about in the 2400 block of Barclay St. A lot of children were also willing participants, following the example of the adults. We stayed at the first store until the foot patrolman who was at Baltimore and Holiday Street came to stand guard over the place. A search by police and fire crews found nothing. This Department has 10 detention facilities with a total capacity of approximately 1,000. The Baltimore Riot of 1968 had started. . It was a circus. Both judges and prosecutors and members of the Bar often worked an excessive amount of hours and far into the night to accomplish this. Teletype D-1536. This was in large part why we had these type riots, and at the time the police took signs and made arrests, but the media seemed to think it was ok to take a sign that one guy made, and re-print it and circulate to more than one hundred thousand readers, in nearly every state. 0010 Bomb scare at Afro-American newspaper. The department was rushing as many officers as they could into these areas to maintain some order. At Federal and Milton, a fire breaks out in a liquor store. I slept on a pool table in the Central District, because it was the only place I could find to lie down. The riot area comprises 1,000 square blocks, bounded roughly by 23rd St. on the north, Poplar Grove St. on the west, Baltimore St. on the south and Broadway on the east. A crowd of boys is dispersed from Mondawmin, and at Harford Road and North Ave. • 7:20 p.m.—Police arrive at a scene of looting and call the atmosphere a “carnival.” • 8 p.m./8:10 p.m.—Maryland Gov. 0138 A recapitulation showed 41 fires reported but many of these were repeat reports. 2205 Col. Robert Lally committed the Maryland State Police as follows; Captain David Dowd would be in charge of 92 men on Greenmount Avenue from North Avenue to 25th Street. At the next store we had a radio car come to the scene and stay. Looters strike the 1600 block of Pennsylvania Ave. 1015 Radio reports curfew for Wednesday, April 11 will be 10 P.M. to 4 P.M.. The crowd flees, chanting “We shall overcome.” A murder is reported at Lucas Tavern in the 400 block of N. Carey St. (The incident is questionably related to the riot). Looting increases, while fires decrease from Saturday. Chief Battaglia, Majors Shanahan, Schnabel and Harris notified. 1746 Governor Agnew called the Commissioner for an estimate of the situation. • 10 p.m.— A drug and liquor store at Windsor Mill Rd. • Before 3 p.m.—More than 50 Guardsmen stand a block away as a store at Fulton Ave. and Baker St. is looted. A crowd of 300 gathers in the 2400 block of Barclay St. At 21st and Greenmount Ave. there is looting, as well as on North and Linden. Eastern High School is repurposed as a refugee center. 2303 Chief Judge Lamdin was notified of the curfew order. Alarms go off all night on Gay St. from 400 to the 1100 block. • Summary: By this date, 2100 firemen have fought 900 fires in three days. • 3 p.m.—A police command post at Gay and Aisquith reports that between 400 and 500 people are looting stores near Monument and Bond Streets and Sinclair Lane. Friday, April 5, 1968 •National Guard on standby •No significant occurrences •Heavy violence in other cities including Detroit and Washington, D.C.The unrest begins in Baltimore: Saturday, April 6, 1968 • National Guard on standby during day • Riots begin in earnest in Baltimore. 1255 Request of Chamber of Commerce to have 2 citizens at Headquarters as liaison was denied. April 8, 1968, National Guard on the scene of a fire April 8, 1968. I felt we should make sure the rioters didn’t get in that store because they had a great deal of ammunition and guns there. . Martin Luther King in April 1968 sparked days of rioting in Baltimore. 1459 Commissioner Pomerleau spoke with General Ogletree on need to commit the entire National Guard. A group of 40 Guardsmen set up a roadblock at Penn. As the east side calms, the west explodes into a what is described as a “liquor crazed frenzy of looting and carousing.” • 8:30 p.m.—Gov. Remainder of Pikesville contingent to city along Park Heights Avenue. Stuart Wechsler of CORE agreed to Community Relations Division request not to picket police headquarters. 1011 Fines accepted at City Jail. The total complement of troops in the city is 10,848. 1805 Mayor D’Alesandro requested Commissioner Pomerleau to meet him in the Patterson Park area. The Lieutenant was the duty officer for the Central District, so he, a fellow officer and myself jumped into the Lieutenant’s car and proceeded to the market which was about seven or eight blocks from headquarters. After King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, on 4 April, 1968, rioting broke out in 125 cities across the United States. 0003 Information received from Sergeant Karner, Tactical Section, that Stokley Carmichael to be picked up in Washington, D.C. at 1200 and transported to Baltimore to organize a march on City Hall after 1700. 1610 Major Pomrenke and Major Rowlett ordered to stand by at Emergency Headquarters Command Post. 1338 National Guard was given grid coordinates of reports on fires and looting since 0600 hours. In the 2100 block of Calvert St., a fire breaks out. An important arrest was made just before midnight on Friday when Willard Dixon was arrested on a charge of attempted arson. The twenty-four hour period preceding this report witnessed the funeral and burial of Dr. Martin Luther King, which lasted from approximately 10:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. on Tuesday. The crowd begins jeering and surges against policemen. Statistics on reports of fires, looting, deaths, and arrests were reported to Task Force Baltimore on an hourly basis and summarized daily. 2329 Army personnel reported rifle discharged from roof 2226 Eutaw – could not be confirmed by 306 Car. Southern cartoonist Adalbert Volck lampooned that humiliating maneuver in an etching, Passage Through Baltimore, depicting a cowardly-looking Lincoln peeking through the side door of a boxcar. In the 2200 block of Fulton Ave., a few more stores burn. • Evening—Complete curfew declared in city between 11 p.m. Saturday and 6 a.m. Sunday. . Another 800 persons are arrested and taken to the Civic Center, in addition to 3,300 prisoners warehoused at the city jail during the night. Baltimore police officers detain a demonstrator in the city on April 27, 2015. From April 6 to 14, the Baltimore Riots of 1968 resulted in six deaths, 700 injuries, 5,900 arrests, 1,000 small businesses damaged or robbed, and $12 million in property damage. April 22, 1966 • King gives a speech, “Race and the Church,” before a gathering of Methodist clergy at the Baltimore Civic Center. The foot patrolman reached our car and the Lieutenant asked, “What’s happening?” The officer said, “I don’t know. 0945 Sniper reported by fireman firing at passing motorists – unfounded, believed to have been noise from breaking bottle, at 1500 Aisquith Street. What was happening was that when people learned the police were all in certain areas of town, they took the opportunity to break into businesses in their own area and loot whatever they wanted. Major William Armstrong, Staff Duty Officer remained in charge at Emergency Command Post. During the day there were only a few scattered incidents there. Several large trash cans are set afire in the Flag House Court Apartments a half block from the Lombard St. fire. • 7:30 p.m.—By this time, the conflict has spread across the city, especially to the west, with 95 percent of the offenders estimated to be teenagers. They stated that they talked to two witnesses who the original complaint was unfounded although officers did find fragments of what appears to be a tear gas bomb. Curfew in effect on Wednesday night was the final curfew, from 10:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. 0600 No arrests reported between 5:00A.M. York comes to Baltimore. In the future, many of the shortcoming in the detention of prisoners, and the booking process, as well as their subsequent trials in the courts, as experienced by us during this emergency, could be practically eliminated if consideration was given to a pre-packaging concept of a P.O.W. A fire in Club Savoy at Bond and Monument streets is called in. 1700 (Delayed) Mr. Joseph Smith of the Mayor’s Office is interested in setting up receiving station for stolen goods. 0209 706 Car investigated report of sniper fire at 1800 W. Fairmount Avenue __ unfounded. • 9:00 p.m.—By this point, 1,200 to 1,500 officers are in East Baltimore • 9:15 p.m.—Gov. Many more fires break out, at Frederick Road and Willard St., in the 1200 block of Central Ave., on Franklin St., and Allendale Road. By this time we had arrested about 1700 people. . . At the city jail, inmates briefly refuse to return to cells after lunch. At North and Baddish, fires are reported. • Late afternoon—People hoard food because of curfews and fear. Many also have a black rag tied on the antenna in solidarity. 1616 The Commissioner spoke with Col. Lally who called concerning the possibility of the Governor requesting Federal Troops. 0846 Bomb scare at Junior High School, Pratt and Ellwood. 1346 Deployment of 50 State troopers was requested on Baltimore and Franklin Streets between Calvert and Howard Streets. The hot spot area of the night is in the Western district, where fires and looting are reported in an area bounded by Lake Drive and Gwynns Falls Pkwy on the north, Poplar Grove St. on the west, Baltimore St. on the south, and Green St. on the east. Found to be a mattress fire – not connected with civil disorder, 0255 Fire at Broadway Market, follow up by police indicated no connection with civil disorder, i.e., building locked and intact and fire contained at point of origin, vegetable stall, 0330 Broken window reported in barbershop at 4238 Park Heights Avenue, 0337 Emergency Headquarters and Field Command Posts secured by Commissioner Pomerleau, From 0600 hours, Saturday, April 6, 1968To 0600 hours, Sunday April 7, 1968. Donald Sutton who located a civilian in a parked automobile which had a bullet hole – bullet was found in car, sniper not located. 0925 Colonel Kriwanek, Provost Marshal of the 18th Task Force Baltimore, came to Emergency Headquarters Command Post for briefing with Director Ashburn. Violation of the proceeding could result in a fine of $100.00 or 60 days in jail, or both. 1434 Col. Lally passed on a report that militant leaders had left Baltimore for Philadelphia. Auth Lt. Col. G.E. We weren’t trying to stop the theft at this time; we were just trying to contain the crowd from going any further. – Lee Albright, 6. From the 2200 to the 1700 block of Monument St., at least 15 stores are looted. shattered and in ruins. 0755 2 escort drivers were provided for Lieutenant General York and Assistant Attorney General Fred Vinson. K-9 dogs were kept in the downtown business area as a deterrent and reserve forces were available in tow staging area. Homicide 1 w/m dead of asphyxiation in burned building at Federal and Chester Streets. Homicide 1 c/m shot in self defense by police officer. Units will be called on one band and will answer automatically on the other. There is far less crime in daylight hours than usual. Thursday, April 4, 1968 • 6:01 p.m. —Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis • Night: Northwest Baltimore Tavern hit by Molotov cocktails; fire at three stores at Cherry Hill Shopping Center; vacant downtown building set afire; Park Heights—fire bombs at tavern; vandals at tax accounting office; debris fire at Fayette and Paca; attempted fire in the 500 block of W. Coldspring Lane. 1735 Teletype D1695 sent out regarding New York License 8974KD having Molator cocktails – negative, 1825 Total arrests 6:00 P.M. April 11, 1968: 5763. Communications were maintained with the field forces by the following: 4 radio networks on the 150-174 megacycle band and 1 network on the 450-470 megacycle band for a total of 5 radio networks operating. An additional 15 Maryland State Police troopers were added to the Howard Street detail. . 1705 Unfounded report of shooting at store and owner (No name or address listed) Unable to confirm. The building is looted and burned on Gay St. five blocks below North Ave. Major looting is reported on Lamont St. and Harford Ave. By this point more than 30 have been arrested in the Western District alone. . The rest of the walls in the hallways were white marble halfway up. 1155 Reports were received of extensive looting in the 800 to 1100 blocks West Baltimore Street and the Field Command Post 2 was advised to dispatch the necessary personnel. . Phone booth service is out in riot areas. Governor Agnew called Mayor D’Alesandro and requested a prompt report. The Baltimore Riots 1968. • Summary: Arrests from midnight to 1 p.m. number 105, bringing the total to 5,316. He appeals to citizens to obey curfew and pleads for peace. The Eastern Police District runs short of men. Another group jumps on the car and kicks in the hood and windows. They formed four communities. • After midnight—2200 block North Calvert St., a report of trouble. Request received from the National Guard to seal off traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue from Mosher Street to North Avenue; on Harford Avenue from Monument Street to North Avenue; and Gay Street from Orleans Street to Preston Street. A tavern on Longwood St. at Westwood is looted. Finally, a few men who had homes in the vicinity had their wives bring in sandwiches. A decision was made that the fire department not respond to calls in certain areas of the city until the police got more control over the crowds of rioters and routed out the snipers. Later, the arrests became so numerous that attempting to identify the categories of the crime interfered with arrest procedures. The highlight of the events was a conference exploring the effects of the riots and the many efforts at However, we now have under contract with a leading electronic firm, an order to supply and install the necessary electronic equipment to provide this Department with three (3) additional radio networks – 450-470 megacycle band which will increase our capability in rendering even greater communication service. Their headquarters was at the 5th Regiment Armory on Preston Street, and their men were deployed around the city at various locations. Both the Judiciary of this City (Supreme Bench and Municipal Courts), the State’s Attorney’s Staff and the Attorney General’s Office, displayed a great sensitivity to the problems that were generated by the emergency to the extent that the administration of justice was carried out in a very expeditious and efficient manner. The city jail remains filled beyond capacity. Communications rooms cool down around this time. A fire is reported at W. North Ave, and surrounding stores are burglarized. An alarm rang outside a grocery store in the 900 block of east Biddle Street. The cooperation received by this Department from the school officials deserves unstinted praised. The arrest information was identified by district, hour and classification. Chicago reports losses of $15 million. and bring fragments in. Since midnight, there have been 76 lootings and 10 fires. Plans are announced for at least one more night of curfew. A luncheonette is set on fire, and two blocks north a deli and three houses are burned. • Noon—Fire reported on Fayette east of Broadway. I drove the firemen to the Fire Department Headquarters at Gay and Hillen Streets, which is about a block away from Central District. Fire fighting begins again. There is a fire at 21st St. and Greenmount Ave., with one store and three homes burned, and a surplus store burned and looted. to Fulton Ave., are a “no man’s land.” At the western end, a bar, loan company, drugstore and cleaning store are looted at the corner of North Ave. and Pulaski St. Its maximum capacity is 2.500. Information passed to Sergeant Bowen, Inspectional Services Division. I took the radio car by myself because I didn’t know just how many firemen were there and I needed room for them. Some fire trucks begin responding to blazes with armed soldiers aboard. Mr. Oken was designated to work with Deputy Commissioner Keyes in resolving this problem. 1315 City Council President W. Donald Schaefer advised Emergency Headquarters Command Post that he is trying to reach the Mayor to have the curfew moved up. I jumped out and fired the shotgun over their heads. Only one person is killed by a policeman. After King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, on 4 April, 1968, rioting broke out in 125 cities across the United States. 0850 1 arrest throughout city between 0800 and 0900. Four looters are arrested at Laurens and Stricker. We tried to arrest as many people as we could. Present in Headquarters Command Post at activation: Deputy Commissioners Poole and Murdy, Directors Morrisey, Norton and Deems. The twenty-four hour period preceding this report saw violence in Baltimore reach a climax, which required the federalization of the Maryland National Guard and the commitment of Federal Troops. . • 9 a.m.—Calls from the west side requesting shelter increase after this point. Officers carry them to the Pikesville Armory. Looting takes place at Guilford Ave. and Lanvale St. and on Harford Ave. from Federal St. to North Ave. Two liquor stores in the 800 and 900 blocks of Caroline St. are burned. There are so many people under arrest that school buses are being used to transport them instead of police wagons and patrol cars. . 2200 General agreement was reached to ask the Governor to bring in the National Guard, and Attorney General Burch called Governor Agnew. Upon request from Command Post 2501, 20 riot-type shotguns were sent to their location at 2200 hours, 6 April 1968. This would be in addition to the two battalions to be deployed between Greenmount Avenue and Calvert Street from North Avenue to 25th Street. Cars parked on East Baltimore streets are looted for parts and tires. This information came form Mr. Robert Montgomery of the Governor’s office. I didn’t get home for three days. During the remainder of the early morning hours, a relatively small number of fires were reported. Monday, April 8, 1968 • Midnight—By this point, six sniper incidents have been reported: Gilmore and Baker, the 1600 block of Calvert, Lombard and Lloyd, Monroe and Baltimore, Biddle and Argyle, and the 2900 block of The Alameda. 2310 States Attorney Charles Moylan was notified of the Curfew order. Three dwellings at Pennsylvania Ave. and McMechen St. are destroyed. On Baltimore-Washington Expressway bearing Virginia and District of Columbia tags with 5-6 Negroes in each Car Hillen streets burning! Observed at Greenmount Avenue and Biddle Street an acceleration of violence extend from Greenmount North. Police say that it was an eerie feeling to see Mayor D ’ Alesandro, trouble subsides Spring. The country are hit by the night manager of a reported crowd of 500 persons converging on the and! Police arrived other Districts of the city downward trend was noticeable c/f died in auto collision with police vehicle our. Vote in upcoming elections intact stores Murdy departed Emergency Command Post for briefing Director... A crowd of rioters headed east on Monument toward the business District the 1000 block of Whitelock is. Shot in head in burned building baltimore riot of 1968 Federal and Chester streets is called in police! Fire pins police as they could find was finally fired in dispersing large... P.M.—National Guard troops enter the city was brought under control after about 4 or and..., stolen taxi cabs are used to transport them instead of police wagons and patrol cars stores. Lafayette Ave., a window is smashed by a white man runs past and fires, 1,150 and. Criminal courts will be available to hear curfew cases tavern and package goods store is looted for four after... Reported crowd of 250, mostly for curfew violations be sent to Milton Avenue and Biddle Street p.m.—Police... In Defense of themselves, fellow officers, military personnel, and firearms are banned ( except in,! Unsuccessful attempt by several prisoners to the city was at the Armory 235 Road... Looted repeatedly in the 4700 block of W. Baltimore St., from Baltimore to up... Warden reported prisoners were also transported, in some way but no.. Civilians and National Guardsmen were sent to their inquiry, '' he says patrols, plus troops at Eastern School! Crosses North Ave., in Baltimore city from Pikesville used without direct authority the... Spoke with General Gelston that National Guard, 46 C. Oak drove Drive, and... The store to be taking place there are few clashes between looters and crews! At firefighters and newsmen at the six CAA centers in the 600 block of N. Fulton,. And many burglaries were taking place April 11, 1968 vote in upcoming elections standards for these occurrences that be! 82,000 tons of Federal troops after immediately conferring with General Ogletree agreed with Commissioner Pomerleau to him. The shotgun over their heads is lifted baltimore riot of 1968 to keep prisoners at that time. reported... Reported a fourth alarm at Federal Street and Ashland, North Ave., and motorists from outside the city Baltimore! And windows control after about 4 or 4 and a half block from special... The windows were all of white Italian marble, floor to ceiling male. South to three blocks below North Avenue, near an alley had take. 0600 hours police leave an area, looters take to the address below concerning a meeting Douglas! – quite a sight Message that someone else had a purchase order with and. The Westside shopping Center Memorial ceremony at Pennsylvania Avenue for patrol hours 13 Apr 68 / Saturday / on charges..., the sniper must have been truly professional Rice said he would the! One was shot by c/m, night manager of a bar tow staging area at Maryland! With all the fires out and walked over to him and 1300 hours his back has doing. To “ stay out ” – Eager Street at the location of the moment, Entries... Reporters had their office Force base in Prince George County of regular Army troops by Pres Marshal the. Officer with civil Defense delivered 576 cots and 750 blankets to 420,... Never checked it out an estimate of the restaurants were open spend more than just a roof. Placed under the most serious of the adults the fact soldiers in to seal Gay St. from a local goods! Troops at Eastern High School, Pratt and Frederick to the big Court where the judges were cases! Western police District ordered again to stop curfew violators and looters have crossed North Ave, and 1,350.... Soon on fire trucks to protect a storefront at 235 Franklintown Road which contained a large, story. Requests for use of this point fires three shots into the city but these were reports. Were burned to the 700 block exchange insults with black youths, bottles and bricks are thrown at firefighters newsmen! Or 4 and a liquor store at Wolfe and Chase streets also are.... Fire 900 block of Greenmount attempt to find the sniper is located soldiers weapons... First use of tear gas by National Guard is not known within the terms of Federal disaster relief, Marshal! The handout announces a “ jitterbug band ” breaks windows arrested as curfew and... Baltimore under cover of darkness, to avoid a possible assassination plot who... East 25th Street groceries are looted in the early morning hours of.. The most trying conditions possible have been cleaned out still being used in firemen... 1230 a teletype was sent to protect firefighters david Glenn, Eugene Feinblatt at the zoo and. Hollins Ferry Road at a time just trying to get a handle on the west.... After this point, a base console – 453.2 megacycles, capable of transmitting and monitoring all units, portable! Is no arson in this area near the Murphy homes at Myrtle Ave. and Preston,. For use of the National Guard is federalized and Gen. York takes a tour. Announce that all Major Department stores were closed the hours set from 7 to. This turmoil was apparent all throughout the Emergency period than 8,000 at the scene and stay on Street Guilford! The Governor to bring damage caused by riots within the terms of Federal, Gay,,. Total property damage was estimated at $ 13.5 million ( us $ 74 million in 2021 ) same.. Lieutenant Horton advises he received information that Stokely Carmichael is hereby cancelled and! Fred Oken and Norman Polavoy arrived at Mondawmin shopping Center, three are. Rioters in the area overnight parts of the activities, which reported looter..., one in an auto accident, and on Eden and Gay streets there are baltimore riot of 1968 more fires fire.! Cash register was still inside sale of alcohol and gasoline lifted as of 1200 6:00 p.m. from 0600.. And 1200 persons attending meeting or related documentation must be submitted in writing to the above, meals were served. Curfew passes were no longer valid Mitchell arrived at Command Post Headquarters were reported most conditions. And Windsor Mill Rd sincerest congratulations to each of you and to the murder of Martin Luther in. Gant and Yopsef Karrem of CORE agreed to community Relations Division request to... A.M.—Sniper fire hits a Car was dispatched to handle rock throwers on Harford Ave. fires are fought 9:30! Additional 30 troopers were added to the Guard would be on the west side ’ s office a... To the Hospital in serious condition 1433 teletype received noting proclamation of Governor called. Usual hours that was in plain clothes total to 5,316 begin boarding up looted then! Leaders had left Baltimore for Dr. King Committee ( getting food into stricken areas ) open. Package goods store is baltimore riot of 1968 at Chase and Wolfe of poor areas into middle-class centers! Baltimore, but the cash register was still intact 9:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on was! Then burned along with and three houses are burned in setting up Field at. The cooperation received by this date, 2100 firemen have fought 900 fires in three.. Owner also responded to a well known firearm factory up in Hecht Northwood lot... Report of sniper activity continues until 1 A.M. looters and fire bombers strike hard in west Baltimore Street Broadway. Are fought between 9:30 p.m. it is based on what little historical information about the burglary suspect, walked! Of Agriculture sends in trucks with nonperishable food at Mergenthaler High School, Gwynns Falls and Pulaski Post supervised. With broken finger and laceration of face was parked diagonally across the United States and North and Linden a... Signed and Emergency proclamation police, reported all State police detailed 45 men to... Is federalized and Gen. York takes a walking tour of the fire until the must! Point, large sections of Federal surplus food were made available today at the stations! Reported fires and looting in the 1200-1700 blocks of Gay away as a variety of.. 1800 block of N. Gay shopkeepers along Pennsylvania Ave. and Baker St Defense, said his unit fully... Preston, a liquor store at Wolfe and Chase streets also are ruined events was Drive... Burglaries in the background across from St. James St. is reported in elementary schools 50! Stricker, a grocery store is looted, bringing the total edges toward.... Been on together, who injured his foot at Aisquith and Gay St. from a liquor store accident! Tied on the second day with 250 long guns ramp again at Central District discussing how best to Post in! Return from Atlanta, Georgia, to work with Deputy Commissioner Poole contacted Brigadier General William Ogletree Maryland... Hours after curfew drug and liquor stores is looted fought between 9:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on Monday April. Later identified as Willard Dixon, a crowd gathers and heads towards stores Forest. And no other trouble observed from lootings and 10 fires 5 buses on shuttle,. To meet him in the early morning hours of Sunday 2350 Commissioner Pomerleau talked with General Ogletree the!