It carries both our GH and Green GH Seals! In lieu of microfiber towels, or disposable cloths that you may use for cleaning surfaces and floors in your home, bamboo-fiber cloths are a much eco-friendlier option. Ready to save money and power your home with renewable energy? A reusable mug is a great alternative to disposable coffee cups, which are wasteful. At this point, the sight of those enormous plastic bags in the grocery store produce aisle are nothing short of cringeworthy. For example, if you’re already selling organic and natural foods on your website, eco-friendly products … This stainless steel set comes with both straight and bent straw shapes, and even includes two cleaning brushes (one for home, and one for work!) by Humankind is doing its part by making eco-friendly products that are meant to leave no wasteful trace, like their shampoo bars. You can quickly see if anything was accidentally left on, all in real time through the app. 1. You can use all six balls in the dryer for extra-large loads, or just pop in two or three for a smaller cycle. The outer package is made of compostable and renewable materials, while the actual sachet is completely biodegradable, so you can keep sipping without feeling the sting of corporation-induced waste irresponsibility! "Recycled is the most sustainable option for toilet paper because you're diverting waste and skipping new pulp to create the bath tissue," says Lexie Sachs, Textiles Director at the GH Institute. Plus, these bags are safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. is made from recycled plastic. Only a small percentage of our planet’s plastics are actually recycled. Blueland creates everyday eco-friendly cleaning products to save you money and space, without any plastic waste. H&M stores have a recycling program that offers a discount on new items when you trade in unwanted clothing. Plus, our experts note that the recyclable press caps make it easy to dispense the right amount of product so less potentially goes to waste. This glossy lipstick is formulated with moringa oil and red raspberry oil, so it'll moisturize your lips and provide rich color. The eco-friendly brand streamlines green cleaning by using reusable bottles and dissolvable tablets. The dried shells of these berries have long been used as an all-natural detergent and insecticide, among lots of other uses. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Shop Now Driven to reduce our world-wide dependence on petroleum, Pela’s phone cases, … sodium bicarbonate) comes from minerals found in the earth, you don't have to feel as guilty about using it for everything. Perfect for picnics, beach trips, and tailgate alike, this innovative cooler is biodegradable and reusable — it's also from the same brand as the best cooler we've tested. By now, you are probably well aware that plastic straws are canceled. With this refillable glass cleaner, there's no need to purchase an entirely new bottle each time you run out of product. If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a commission. These USDA-organic-certified soap berries are about as natural as it gets as far as laundry detergents go. For more information on the importance of eco-friendly products and examples of what to look for, check out our eco-friendly guide. Shop the best eco-friendly products, including reusable, green, and recyclable products and sustainable fashion to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Try putting things that need a bit more coverage in a reusable, locking food container. With programmes like David Attenborough’s Blue Planet demonstrating the impact of plastic waste on our planet alongside the continuing depletion of our resources through unsustainable manufacturing demonstrates the clear importance of environmentally friendly products. For those starting fresh, their Clean Up Kit comes with three 20-ounce "Forever Bottles," along with three light-as-air, water-soluble cleaning tablets. The bags are both eco-friendly and vegan, too! We all know that plastic straws are polluting our oceans, so the best way to make a difference is by opting for reusable straws instead. ), and it's a favorite of Birnur Aral, Ph.D., director of the GH Institute's Health, Beauty, and Environmental Sciences Lab. 3-Ply Jumbo Roll Tree-Free Toilet Paper ($15.95; … The brand will also buy back its own gently used clothing and then resell it on the separate Renew website. Even though eco-friendly … Much of the rest of it is buried in ever-growing landfills and littering waterways and oceans. Your plastic food-storage bag use stops here. Even the packaging is impressive: The box is made of recycled cardboard and it's printed with soy-based ink, which is considered more environmentally friendly because it makes materials easier to recycle. These minty little tablets (available in 2-month supplies) are meant to be chewed up first, and then moistened with water from your toothbrush. In our experience with using Blueland's Clean Up Kit, we've found the three respective formulas for glass, surface, and bathroom cleaning to be very effective and great smelling to boot. If you prefer a more flexible alternative to stainless steel, we like these bent silicone straws, too. Plus, Bissell eliminated styrofoam from this product's packaging, which helps cut down on waste. ECOLULU Eco Friendly Toilet Brush, 2 Pack Wood Toilet Brush Made of Beechwood, Strong Hemp Bristles with 360° Cleaning Power, Biodegradable Zero Waste Eco Friendly Products $14.99 $ 14 . And as a result, a number of innovative companies have been developing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products or new products to help make our existing technology more efficient. They're even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. We've long been fans of LUSH and their commitment to waste-free, cruelty-free products. We now manufacture bamboo straws and other products … This hardworking machine can easily tackle dirty armrests, carpet stains, and more using a combination of water, cleaner, and suction. The bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic — 20% of which is from ocean plastic. It contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs, a.k.a. We know it's painful to throw out a bright-pink polyurethane sponge every few days, so why don't you switch to the dye-free, compostable Sqwishful sponges instead? chemicals that make fabrics appear whiter). But since so many products from dish soaps to sheet sets have "green" claims on their packaging, it can be hard to recognize which ones are truly eco-friendly. Shop zero waste products for your home and lifestyle. This device is an easy way to monitor energy usage from appliances and electronics to figure out which are wasteful. Lots of cool, eco-friendly products are specifically tailored to the younger generations, including rings, sunglasses, jewelry, hair accessories, and more. Vera Bradley's ReActive collection is made using recycled water bottles — each yard of fabric was once 16 recycled water bottles, so this particular bag uses 23. Cons of eco-friendly products Switching to eco-friendly products isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. They can be washed and reused multiple times for things like washing dishes or cleaning spills. We started with beautiful bamboo drinking straws and our range expanded with demand. It’s made from organic cotton and beeswax, which means that it’s more breathable than plastic (which is better for ripening produce), and has the added bonus of being biodegradable. This pair is made from recycled polyester sourced from post-consumer plastic bottles. For an invigorating shower experience, cleanse your hair with this rosemary- and mint-scented shampoo. Shop our eco friendly everyday products store; alternatives for your daily doings. Plus, it's Cradle to Cradle certified, so it meets environmental and social requirements across five sustainability categories. We love that the aluminum tube is fully recyclable, unlike plastic tubes that often end up in landfills. There's simply no need to buy polyester, fragrance-coated, single-use dryer sheets anymore — especially when making the switch to using wool balls to break up your laundry loads couldn't be easier. It belongs to H&M's Conscious collection, where each affordable piece has an aspect that reduces its environmental impact. During toilet paper testing, this recycled option was one of the top performers among the "green" brands. Its biodegradable formula contains no fragrances or dyes, and it's also EPA Safer Choice certified. Not only are these eco-friendly products made from the fast-growing, self-generating bamboo plant, but the cloths are also long-lasting and able to be safely washed after each use. That's why Unpaste's Toothpaste Tablets feel like such a revelation. It's no secret that we're obsessed with Dropps detergent. Since most cleaning products are comprised mostly of water, it seems silly to pay money for something that comes out of any faucet. Bamboo Reusable Paper Towels Washable Roll (20 Sheets) Zero Waste Unpaper Towel Eco Friendly Products Sustainable Gifts - Kitchen Cleaning Rolls Alternative - Paper Towels Bulk Recycled Napkins … It also earned the Nordic Swan Ecolabel so its entire environmental impact was evaluated. The eco friendly products in this section will either help you avoid clothing made out of plastic or help you reduce clothing waste in our landfills. 15 Eco Friendly Smart Home Products Gallery of our favorite 15 eco friendly smart home products, showcasing the best ways you can improve your home and the environment with technology. Read on to see how easy it can be to make the switch. The eco-friendly products from Pela Case don't just look good, they do good, too. Here are a few of the cons: 1) Higher up-front costs. These dissolvable, dye-free pacs can be popped right into your laundry load, and they're packed with the same stain- and odor-fighting potency as regular detergents ... just without any of the mystery ingredients. Since plastic bags can't be recycled in your blue bin, it's best to bring a reusable bag with you every time you go shopping to avoid wasting single-use plastic bags. It's made with shea butter to nourish your skin and smooth rough patches. The Best 25 Christmas Decorations You Can Buy, 40 Gifts That Are Sure to Warm Grandma's Heart, 40 Gorgeous Gifts for the Best Sister Ever, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. It's a great alternative to typical coolers that are heavy and styrofoam coolers that are notoriously difficult to recycle. The brand is a member of 1% for the Planet, which donates a portion of their profits to vetted environmental organizations. Similarly, a company could also claim they are “eco-friendly” but their products could come in unnecessary packaging, like we discovered with the ubiquitous underwear brand Pact Organic. It's difficult to grapple with one's own impact on the environment. Just keep in mind that this is not a one-to-one replacement for plastic wrap — it is best for vegetables, cheese, and breads, because this wrap can only be rinsed off in cold water to ensure its longevity. 99 … Beeswax wraps are food-safe and can be used over and over again — just rinse them with cold water and mild soap between uses. These silicone teabags, for delicious looseleaf tea drinking. While your first instinct may be to run out and stock up on disposable plates, cups, and flatware, it’s worth giving a second thought to the materials of these single-use supplies, as well as what you might already have on hand to eat and drink with (your regular silverware will probably work just fine!). Plus, the pieces are actually bigger and more substantial than traditional foil confetti, so they’re less of a headache to clean up, if your celebration is held indoors. The drawstring mesh closure is perfect for shaking out sand after a beach trip! Your whole family will enjoy making the switch for … Why trust us? In our Textiles Lab's test to find the best bed sheets, this set from Boll & Branch proved to be a great organic option. Eco-friendly products are a great niche. It also includes two brushes so they're easy to clean. This cult-favorite tote is a great option to stash in your purse or car: It's super lightweight, it comes in fun patterns and colors, and it folds into a compact pouch. Allbirds are an GH expert and editor favorite because they're comfortable, lightweight, and machine-washable. Their stretchy cotton/nylon blend provides unlimited wears, and although the underwear is hand-wash only, it's a small step to remember that'll prevent a whole lot of waste. Find kitchen goods, bedding, and other eco-friendly home goods made with organic and renewable materials. Keep your emergency supply of water bottles somewhere out of sight and out of mind — a durable, non-disposable water bottle is what you should be using on the daily. Not only are they just as durable as other types, but they have the added bonus of being dye-free, biodegradable, and compostable. We all should’ve ditched plastic wrap long ago. If you’re cooking for a crowd and need to find disposables, these sugarcane-fiber plates are a great place to start. We love Steeped Coffee's robust flavors as much we enjoy as their ease of use (you steep this ground coffee in hot water, just as you would a tea bag), but it's the guilt-free, sustainable packaging that has us hooked. This set lists each bag's tare weight, so you know exactly how much the empty bag weighs. According to a definition given by the website, eco-friendly products are “products that do not harm the environment whether in their production, use or disposal”. Baking soda can be used for nearly anything — use it as a mild abrasive for cleaning scuffs and marks, to deodorize stinky fridges and garbage cans, and so much more. This classic hand lotion won a GH Sustainable Packaging Award. It's bendy, grippy, and can keep your device protected up to a 20-foot drop. Just run them under water to activate their sponginess, and use them as you would normally! Blueland creates everyday eco-friendly cleaning products to save you money and space, … The bottle is made with 30% post-consumer recycled material. Our pros like the brand's sustainable approach to materials: the merino wool is a natural fiber and follows ethical standards, the polyester in the laces is from recycled water bottles, and the packaging is made of 90% recycled cardboard. This cute color-block sweater is made of 52% recycled polyester. Using fabric softener is a great way to prevent clothes from looking worn, so our cleaning experts recommend this one from Gain. These collapsible food storage containers are among some of the best environmentally friendly products … Plus, our testers loved sleeping on it! Instead, safely store your food in one of these reusable produce bags. It's comprised of cotton strips and pulverized, dried corn cobs, giving its noodle-like strands a coarse, but not too rough texture. to keep them squeaky-clean. They come in all sorts of different designs and colors for pretty much any Apple or Android phone that you can buy. Welcome to our gallery featuring the best eco friendly products … We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. They're actual berries from a soapnut tree! Our experts especially like that the brand chooses to list all the ingredients in its products. Not only does this multi-tasking bar soap clean your entire body, but buying it will give back to the community — the proceeds help create mobile showers for homeless people. What really makes this product stand out is the fact that it's made using renewable electricity (wind power!) These 25 eco-friendly products were picked to replace throwaway items that would otherwise remain buried on this planet for hundreds of years, if not longer.