It forms a double security to the people. Vice president—The vice president supports the president. This power-sharing form of government is the opposite of "centralized" governments, under which a national government maintains total power. centralization–power is concentrated at one level of government such as the national level in a unitary system. A federal government is a system of government that divides the power between a larger central government, and the local and regional governments beneath it. This is the sharing of power between the national and state (as well as local) governments. The president serves a four-year term and can be elected no more than two times. National government definition: A national government is a government with members from more than one political party,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The U.S. Constitution establishes a government based on "federalism." Political system - Political system - Constitutional government: Constitutional government is defined by the existence of a constitution—which may be a legal instrument or merely a set of fixed norms or principles generally accepted as the fundamental law of the polity—that effectively controls the exercise of political power. confederation–highly decentralized structure of government with roughly co-equal entities/sovereign states forming an alliance for purposes such as national defense and/or other agreed purposes. If the president is unable to serve, the vice president becomes president. Here’s how you know. In the United States, the federal government’s powers were established by the Constitution. The balance between national and state governments remains a strong basic structure of the United States government. Limited government is a political system in which legalized force is restricted through delegated and enumerated powers, such as The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. This definition includes citizens, and all U.S. citizens are also U.S. nationals. Terms to Remember. Official websites use .gov A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. A U.S. national is any person who has the irrevocable right to reside in the territory of the United States without limitation. Here’s how you know. The states agreed to work together and be united, though each state also remained independent from the other states and independent from the federal government. “This balance between the National and State governments ought to be dwelt on with peculiar attention, as it is of the utmost importance. 2.The national government has the widest jurisdiction and largest resources. He or she is the head of state, leader of the federal government, and Commander in Chief of the United States armed forces. The national government is the highest level of governance within a country, while the federal government is a type of government a country can adopt. A national government is a component of any type of government, which means that it is a part of the federal government. An official website of the United States government.