If you are following FiiO closely you will remember the K5 non-pro docking station where you sat an X-series FiiO DAP to work as a standalone DAC. FiiO K5 PRO gives a nice boost to your desktop setup, by having a Desktop-Class DAC, a Heavy Duty Headphone Amplifier, and a friendly price point of just 150 USD. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in FiiO K5 PRO find their next music companion. D20 uses a toroidal transformer for a better power filtering, K5 PRO relies on an external switching power supply. Het resultaat is de perfecte hoofdtelefoonversterker voor op je bureau: de Fiio K5 Pro. One decent pairing I find is the recently released HP1000 from Soundmagic, a robustly built metallic headphone with a massive soundstage. I‌ like the sound of the DAC in the DAP‌ better than the one in the K5 Pro… The connection options include SPDIF Input, USB Input, and even a Line In, for using it as a Preamplifier, although given the price point and overall signature, I don’t really recommend it for this. As for sound this makes my … There is also a 6.3mm output that fits common studio headphones and 3.5mm TRS IEMs with a convertor. The Fiio K5 Pro ($149.99 on Amazon.com) is Fiio’s first headphone amp/DAC made for home use, and it’s an excellent solution for those looking to drive power-hungry headphones using their laptop or cellphone as a source, especially if they don’t have a huge budget. FiiO K5 Pro AK4493EQ | 768K/32Bit and DSD decoding Deskstop DAC and Amplifier for Home and Computer(6.35mm (1/4 in.) Instead, the treble is well extended, and there is enough air for sound to be natural, and not compressed, which was an issue with most units at lower price points, like the JDS Labs Atom. Volume Scroll Potentiometer+ADC Sampling The K5 Pro runs on the same OPA1642+TPA6120 configuration as the K5 which received a lot of praise for its high power and neutral tuning. K5 Pro amplifier pdf manual download. Being realistic we are not reviewing anything $500 and the K5 Pro actually delivers very good dynamics and value as an all-in-one solution. The K5 Pro has more than sufficient power for planars, perhaps a bit too clean and fast and lacks emotion for my streaming content and playlists. The connection options include SPDIF Input, USB Input, and even a Line In, for using it as a Preamplifier, although given the price point and overall signature, I don’t really recommend it for this. FiiO continues the concept of the neutral sound they have recently found, K5 Pro doesn’t try to change or add something, but as well as with M11, the device avoids transition to cold monitor sound. There is plenty of detail in the design including a modernized ADC digital volume and 0+dB gain for sensitive earphones. Dat was altijd al een krachtige hoofdtelefoonversterker, maar voor de Pro heeft Fiio het hele concept nog eens tegen het licht gehouden. Despite being a pretty average Dynamic-Driver based Headphone, it is hard to control well, and most sources tend to make it shouty, or bloat the bass, or make it loose, unless the source has good control, at lower impedances. 0 点 We have been covering a few FiiO products and you can see consistent packaging designs with a clean black theme. First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way: K5 PRO is quite different from the K3, and even when compared to other interesting units, like the JDS Labs Atom, it has a more intricate package. A lot of my IEMs sound opened up and punchy on the K5 Pro but at the same time free from background noise. Together, the presentation is spacious, balanced in tonality and with very little coloration. Headphone Out/RCA line-Out) Preview . : 0001585 Freitextfeld 2: 6953175710172 Beschreibung Trusted Shops Bewertungen Technische Daten. Posted by 6 months ago. The value of FiiO K5 PRO is excellent, and for 150 USD, it is simply the easiest to drive DAC/AMP for desktop if you don’t have something uber versatile and high-quality already. The sound is more punchy, larger, with more space and impact for K5 PRO, where it has a finer amount of detail, is richer with more overall control for the S1, and S1 can be powered from a smartphone, where K5 PRO really can’t (Well it can receive signal, but needs the power brick connected to work) Disclaimer: FiiO K5 PRO was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. You can consider getting a linear power supply that could further boost the output quality. You will also find the power supply for that 15V power input, easily outputting much more swing for better dynamics compared to many portable devices. The K5 Pro is designed in a solid aluminum housing, featuring ADC 0.5 dB incremental digital volume control, a multi-color back-lit metallic knob, and an amplifying stage built on the legacy of the E9 and the K5. There is a very faint background noise, at zero attenuation, but this isn’t audible with most headphones. Like the K5, its key strength is in powering headphones with mid-high impedance. FiiO K5 Pro Desktop DAC and Amplifier. Description Features Specifications AKM AK4493EQ DAC chipsThe K5 Pro is equipped with AKM’s AK4493EQ DAC chips - known for its smooth, pleasant yet detailed sound due to its high signal-to … We thank team FiiO for this opportunity. Posted by 6 months ago. The AC power jack is next to the USB socket and you could upgrade the power supply for better performance. View and Download Fiio K5 Pro quick start manual online. As a DAC/amp combo the K5 is designed to be an all-in-one … Hi! Note: FAQ … It was more than enough, with an excellent sense of space, dynamics and punch, all of which are hard to nail down with HD660S as it is that picky and needs a great source to sound great. FiiO K5PRO Desktop DAC and Amplifier with high performance AK4493 DAC chips for the ultimate in decoding performance, supporting up to 768kHz/32bit and native DSD. The FiiO K5 actually has quite a … Speakers AEON‌ Flow Closed, I‌ found the FiiO K5 Pro DAC/Amp to be a good match. Slide here to add your score on the gear! FiiO K5 PRO vs FiiO K3 (150 USD vs 110 USD) – K3 works from a smartphone though, especially if it is one of those smartphones that can act as a battery, but something like the Huawei P20 won’t do, and K3 would drain it way too quickly. The RCA out sounds quite flat without the amp section, not recommended to use with monitoring speakers and synergy would be better on speakers that have more subbass/bass presence and resolution. K5 Pro amplifier pdf manual download. Fiio K5 Pro と悩んでいます。 音質や使いやすさ、音の解像感など詳しく教えてくれると幸いです。お願いいたします。 書込番号:23707400 スマートフォンサイトからの書き込み. At $150 we will find out […] The volume wheel has lights around it, and if it doesn’t look the best from all the DAC/AMPs in the entry-level area, I don’t know what else does. To connect your headphones Fiio has equipped the K5 Pro with a single metal 6.5mm connector to the right of the volume knob. You may not notice the upgrade on the outside, but this is a great feature that allows much more precise low-volume control, letting you enjoy sensitive IEMs in a quiet environment also to use the K5 Pro as a volume controller/ Preamp for powerful power amps. The 1.5W at 32 OHMs is an insane amount of power at this price level, and even if you throw random hard to drive cans, like the Crosszone CZ-1, it still does a stellar job. The treble is very well controlled and doesn’t sound artificial or aggressive so something like classical music will be enjoyable on this setup. I actually opened the K5 PRO wrong once or twice and everything fell right on asphalt, because I was out and doing photos, but the short version here is that if you need a nice package, K5 PRO has it. No fingerprints. The big v… K5 PRO has better price/performance ratio if you only plan on using it as a desktop device, while TR-AMP is more versatile in the long run, especially if you’ll want to plug in some IEMs too, where it does a better job, by having a finer volume control. The Fiio K5 Pro ($149.99 on Amazon.com) is Fiio’s first headphone amp/DAC made for home use, and it’s an excellent solution for those looking to drive power-hungry headphones using … Looking at the amplification part the ICs are old but have gained great popularity amongst DIY audio enthusiasts. is an interesting competitor with a great price tag, it is only an AMP, and it doesn’t make as much sense to purchase against the K5 PRO, serving a much more specialised purpose. Its volume adjustment is with NJRC volume control chipsets with voltage amplification and current drive amplification. Everything sounds more lively and punchy at the maximum gain, I do not recommend using it at low gain, unless absolutely necessary because you don’t have enough volume control. The combination has mind-blowing staging for a closed-back design. The topology is also surprisingly neat as well. FiiO K5 PROが発売されている様ですね。 Amazonでは、結構海外のレビューがあがってる様ですが… 特徴 旭化成エレクトロニクス製DAC「AK4493EQ」搭載。低ノイズ・低歪と高出力を両立 USBコントローラーにXMOS製「XUF208」を採用。 The only downside is that it works much better with larger and harder to drive headphones than with IEMs, so if you mainly needed an IEM driver, there may be other options that do not sound worse on lower gain. It comes with a proper large-sized power adapter, a 6.3 mm adapter, a USB cable, and the typical paperwork. The K5 Pro has a very friendly 1x gain factor so sensitive IEMs were also tested. The K5 Pro is a fairly straight forward input/output system that does away with the original dock on the top panel and instead integrates a DAC into the amp design. that works, if you have very sensitive ears this may be a great feature. THD+N≤0.004% ... Home › FiiO K5 Pro Desktop DAC and Amplifier. Switching to high gain, there are good dynamics and openness. 1-3 Werktage(innerhalb Deutschlands) In den Warenkorb . Beschreibung. Auf Lager, sofort lieferbar! This makes it very easy to recommend for pairing with a large selection of Headphones, including Ultrasone Signature DXP, Rosson RAD-0, and even Sennheiser HD660S. Ugyanaz a ház, ugyanazok a kapcsolók, potméter és a 6,3 mm-es fejhallgató Jack aljzat. ―, King Of Affodable Power – FiiO K5 PRO Desktop DAC/AMP Review. Since K5 Pro … Add to Cart. I would like to know, if I connect the FiiO m11pro to the K5 pro via usb Audio, will it only work with the FiiO music app or can I use the tidal app as well? Headphone Out/RCA line-Out) 4.7 out of 5 stars 437. I would recommend disconnecting your earphones to prevent any damage during this option because of the loss of gain functionality. FiiO K5 PRO ($150 USD) VS Loxjie D20 ($240) D20 is a bit bigger, heavier, uses a tiny screen on the front panel to show some important information. Alex. When you pump up the volume, nothing cracks and it still sounds full in the mid-lows. The outputs include a Headphone output in the shape of 6.3mm, a Line Out in RCA, and the Line is at the normal 2Vrms, while the headphone output can do 1.5W over 32 OHMs, more than enough to drive even. FiiO K5 PRO ($159 USD) VS Loxjie D20 ($240) D20 is a bit bigger, heavier, uses a tiny screen on the front panel to show some important information. When you connect the M11 to the K5 Pro you will immediately hear a much stronger punch, better staging, and more solid kicks. This is a joyful listen for fast, light paced music with a touch of sparkle in the treble. At just $149.99 the stealthy K5 Pro is capable of decoding up to DSD512, linking up your PC, gaming machine, and DAPs to active speakers and headphones for a better home entertainment experience. SNR>115 dB (A-weighted) Pairing the K5 Pro with multi-ba IEMs rich in bass/ treble texture will get you a good balance. If the K5 worked as a docking station for the FiiO X7/X5, the new K5 Pro completely ditched that connector. Input port USB/Line in/SPDIF I am an old-school guy and I like the simplest DAC/Amp units, especially desktop ones that can be wall-powered. I will use for powered speakers 90% of the time, so the DAC is more important for me than a high powered amp section. I avoided most IEMs in the pairing part of this review, because although you would get excellent results with Final A8000, CTM Clear Monitors DA Vinci X, FiiO FA9, Final Audio B1, or even Rhapsodio Zombie, it works best with dynamic drivers and Planar Magnetic drivers, and that’s where it shows the dynamics and punch it can do. There is enough treble extension to make it not sound compressed. Color Silver / Black The overall resolution and separation are decent for the price. It is priced at $149.99. FiiO K5 Pro vélemények. The backlit volume pot LED looks futuristic. The K5 PRO unit is beautiful, made of aluminium, and quite heavy, at 436 grams, being a desktop unit in a very specific way. Thanks for the review. The package is great, the build quality is great, and it is a real looker, with that blue light around the volume wheel. Stepping up from analog potentiometer FiiO installs the new ADC digital volume control which eliminates channel imbalance issues. The Sound is generally clean, crisp and tonally neutral, so no coloration towards either end. The lowest gain level makes use of the hardware gain circuit so as not to compromise dynamic range and fidelity. FiiO K5 pro vs iFi Zen DAC. It has gain selectors, to attenuate the volume, since it has a HUGE power output, so you won’t burn your IEMs or sensitive headphones, and it relies on an AKM AK4493 + OP-AMPs from TI. Like the original E9, the K5 Pro is built with power in mind and should be capable of giving your demanding in-ear monitors and some headphones a solid boost. Fiio has long made excellent products in this segment. The K5 Pro has a clean design and a stealthy sandblasted finish on aluminum. i narrowed it down to these 2 options the Schiit stack (pretty fun to say) or the Fiio K5 Pro… The back panel houses all I/O jacks including Coaxial/Optical in, RCA line in/out and USB in. It is much easier to notice kicks and drums, compared to FiiO M11, and the overall punch and driving power is so much better that I would use only K5 PRO while at home to enjoy some real dynamics with large, hard to drive headphones, like even the HE6SE from HIFIMAN. The HD600 sounds dull on many small amps but K5 Pro feeds the hungry beasts with solid output power, getting its mojo back while bringing some punchy bass and a peppy treble. We thank team FiiO for this opportunity. It’s … K5 PRO will work with sharp headphones, Hifiman Arya are almost sharp sounding but were tamed nicely with the FiiO. The Fiio K5 Pro DAC and Headphone Amplifier from FiiO is a high-performance headphone amplifier and USB DAC that features coaxial, optical, and RCA line inputs, and 1/4" headphone and RCA line outputs. The DAC also supports up to 192kHz signals from SPDIF connections as well as receive analog signals via RCA inputs. All in all, it is a great DAC/AMP with a great price, and if you’re looking for one of the best priced, high-quality, sources for your harder-to-drive headphones, and if you want to spend very little, but get the best value for your money, the K5 PRO from FiiO it is. There are EVA foams fitted on both sides of the device inside the packaging to add extra protection during shipment. I’d like to thank FiiO for providing the sample for this review.
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