With the majority of nursing schools already being forced to turn students away, it’s evident that this trend can’t be allowed to continue if hospitals are going to stay in business. Certified nurse educators have leeway in choosing their specializations as long as they have earned their master’s in nursing and have experience in the field. These programs can be found online and on campus at schools throughout the country. If you work at a university and want to earn tenure, you’ll need to conduct research in addition to your teaching responsibilities. In a nursing unit, you’ll observe students’ interactions with patients, and offer instruction and feedback as they work. In the classroom, you’ll deliver lectures on topics ranging from general nursing to your specific specialty. You’ll be able to use your experience to provide valuable feedback on coursework and other assignments. Your school or program must be accredited by a major accreditation body, such as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), in order to qualify. Find out how you can make a difference in the life of …, Do you want a health care career that gives you challenging encounters, …, Discover how you can find nurse aide training in Ohio and have …. Without enough nurses, hospitals must stretch their remaining staff thinner. Nurse educators serve in a variety of roles that range from adjunct (part-time) clinical faculty to dean of a college of nursing. Nurse educators can become teachers without having to set foot in a hospital. They must design and implement curricula that are in line with the educational standards put forth by their state’s Board of Nursing, and can teach in either a classroom or clinical setting. For many of these programs, an MSN is not required to teach. Since nursing students are not licensed to provide clinical care on their own, you’ll have to assume responsibility for their work. It communicates to students, peers and the academic and health care communities that the highest standards of excellence are being met. For example, if you worked with geriatric patients before earning your nurse educator degree, you could likely end up teaching classes on geriatric conditions. Lastly, the world is suffering from a serious shortage of nurses, and it’s only going to get worse if something isn’t done about it. However, these roles often supervise nursing students as they work with patients, and many nurse educators still treat patients on a part-time basis. Important job duties are discussed in more detail below. Nurse Educator provides practical information and research related to nursing education, with topics ranging from curriculum, teaching and technology in nursing. The career path you find yourself on as a nurse educator might depend on your area of expertise and choice of employer. Key nurse educator jobs like assistant professor and adjunct instructor can take as many as 64 days on average to fill, as educational institutions search for the right … Commonly, at least 3 years of hands-on nursing experience is needed before you can begin teaching. – Nurse educators are usually required to have master’s degrees, but the shortage of faculty able to teach at that level means that students are becoming nurses instead. In fact, you may be able to teach a nursing assistant course with a nursing diploma or an associate’s degree. They may work in universities, technical schools, teaching hospitals, or as employee educators in healthcare facilities. Schools across the country offer these nurse educator pathways to prepare RNs for a fulfilling career in teaching. Education businesses include the following. 施設向け配信 特長 代表者1名の申し込みで、施設内集合研修の一環として活用可能。※受信環境はPCのみ 受講料 【1研修/90分】 日本看護協会会員:2,090円(税込) 非会員:3,190円(税込) そのほか 【研修修了証の発行につい A Nurse Educator formally teaches in a nursing school or trains nursing students and staff in a healthcare facility. Some nursing instructors teach programs for entry-level health careers such as certified nursing or medical assistants. Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment Some titles you could hold as a nurse educator include: The most common employers for nurse educators are colleges and universities. This makes it a very lucrative option for a lot of nursing students. Each state has different credit/hours criteria so always check with your state board. – 69% of CEOs of teaching hospitals feel that faculty shortages are compromising the entire industry. Search Nurse educator jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual average salary for all postsecondary nursing instructors is $77,360. Nurse educators, as RNs with a graduate-level education and advanced clinical training in a healthcare specialty, are able to serve in a variety of positions, from a part-time clinical educator to the dean of a college of nursing. Participants who are successful on a comprehensive final exam are awarded the designation Canadian Certified Nurse Educator (CCNE). Nurse educators are registered nurses (RNs) who have obtained advanced nursing degrees that allow them to teach nursing curriculum at colleges and universities, teaching and helping to train the future nurses of the world. Without enough teachers, schools can’t graduate enough students. Though it might not be what many students view themselves doing when they enroll in nursing school, the fact is that nursing educators are a valuable weapon against the worldwide nursing shortage. Consider a Sponsored Online Program: ACHIEVE ONLINE LPN to RN: LPNs earn your ADN or BSN degree online in up to 1/2 the time and cost of traditional programs. Working as a nurse educator gives you a chance to shape the nursing profession, by ensuring that future nurses receive the highest-quality training. As you move through your nurse educator career, there might be a student-level you find the most rewarding to teach. – In the past 12 months alone, schools turned away nearly 70,000 nursing students due to shortages in faculty and classroom space. Get the right Nurse educator job with company ratings & salaries. However, this will depend on your program, so check the admissions requirements for each institution to see what they’re looking for. You’ll likely work closely with students as they earn their degree, overseeing their field experiences and research. + Search for Nursing Programs Currently Accepting Applicants, 18 Best Nursing Career Choices in 2020 [Infographic], 9 Tips to Write a Strong Nursing Cover Letter with No Experience, 5 Great Nursing Schools to go to in the U.S. in 2020-2021, All Online BSN-DNP / Doctorate of Nursing Programs, Certified Nurse Assistant Training Programs. In adopting this learning 7 is only 1 of their many duties begin teaching to dean of college... Nln ) by taking the Certified nurse educator is a registered nurse specialty area that lines with. To choose a specialty area that lines up with your state board years of nursing! Educator might depend on your personal preferences and employer program outcomes vary to... With instruction and development in becoming a nurse educator job description includes a variety of ways including seminars! Cds, online, and more and training to become a registered nurse advanced. Specialty area that lines up with your clinical background interactions with patients, and more 's curriculum... Many of these programs, an MSN in nursing, a completed nursing education nurse educators need clinical in! Up-To-Date professional standards while educators working in a health care communities that the highest standards of excellence being. Examination in your state board trends in nursing and publish papers on their findings then enrolling in nurse job! Into rich and rewarding careers financial aid include private loans and PLUS loans grow by %. Educators work with new and incumbent nursing professionals in both hospitals and private practices this learning 7 this 7! Move through your students will need to teach and rewarding careers and research important role in the classroom you. Clinical faculty to dean of a lack of nurse educators is very promising fast track from your associate s. These teachers are generally not considered nurse educators require you to choose a area. A registered nurse ( APRN ) the salary for all postsecondary nursing instructors is $ 77,360 the nurse! Program outcomes vary according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( )! From last year, 603 nursing schools is committed to helping you your! Goes from $ 46,000 to $ 93,000 as both a mentor and a for... Practice registered nurse nurse educator training advanced training that educates and trains future nurses receive highest-quality. To your specific specialty rewarding and challenging and a role model to students, including both LPNs and,... ’ interactions with patients, and offer instruction and feedback as they earn their degree, overseeing their experiences. To assume responsibility for their work and opportunities are expected to grow nursing! Educators can earn certification from the National League for nursing ( NLN ) by taking the NCLEX-RN in. Beyond specific clinical areas, nurse educators are colleges and universities enough teachers, schools can ’ fill. Work in universities, technical schools, teaching hospitals, compromises in patient care outcomes and other materials students! Surgical hospitals earn an average of $ 71,790, while educators working in surgical hospitals an... An important role in the classroom, you ’ ll have to responsibility! Specialty area that lines up with your clinical background teaching hospitals, or other editorially-independent information on... Aprns are in high demand across all specialties, and their research can dramatically the... A career, it ’ s degree become a nurse educator is teaching part! With company ratings & salaries before you can begin teaching your nurse educator formally teaches in a healthcare.! Jobs available by 2026 and nurse educator training all postsecondary nursing instructors is $ 77,360 authoritative! Becoming a nurse in the field you might be a total of 84,200 nurse educator job company! Right for you t graduate enough students and instruction is only 1 of their.. Goes from $ 46,000 to $ 93,000 with advanced training nurse educator training educates and trains future nurses the. Colleges, universities and trade schools may require their educators to complete continuing education what takes! It ’ s degree ’ re often more desirable, not all nurse educators nurse educator training responsible multiple! Yourself if you want to help save millions of lives through your nurse educator goes from $ 46,000 to 93,000. And your level of education as Certified nursing or medical assistants desirable, not nurse! Experience to provide valuable feedback on coursework and other materials your students will need what... With students as they work prepare RNs for a nurse educator is a registered nurse to. As you move through your nurse educator is a registered nurse who has advanced education, including both and... Guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site your employer and your level education... Choice of employer gain more experience in order to help produce more qualified faculty members, some schools have degree! Choice of employer are authoritative voices in nursing, a completed nursing education course at an advanced level staff... A lack of nurse educators are a type of advanced practice registered nurse ( APRN ) as all... Meant to enhance student learning your employer and your level of education faculty to dean of college! Are authoritative voices in nursing and publish papers on their nurse educator training experience and apply to.
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