Use juice of one lemon, a table spoon of olive oil, a table spoon of cider vinegar, a teaspoon of honey (Shetland of course in my case), pepper and a tiny pinch of salt to season the salad. They are a brilliant source of energy and they are good for digestion, are probiotic and are a good source of fibre, Vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese and Vitamin B6. Instead, the ‘lacto’ refers to lactic acid. I like shop-bought granola bars but they tend to be loaded with sugar so I decided to try to make my own. Pat the thick mixture evenly into the baking pan and press it well. But they are also brilliant for baking as they take place of sugar, eggs and fat. The process itself might not sound appetising but the health benefits of eating probiotic food with live Lactobacillus bacteria are huge. For your taste-buds’ sake, make sure you sample some of the examples below during your time in Shetland! The Shetland Black Potato is quite a distinctive spud – it has a blue skin, yellow flesh and a deep blue ring. Cut the last banana length-ways and arrange over the mixture. Add the cooked mixture of sweet potato, chickpeas and seeds and mix well. Leave for one week in a cool place but make sure you stir the mixture daily. Search. Like Reestit mutton, saat beef is a taste of the past, before the days of freezers and supermarkets. A year when we all find more time for ourselves and spend it meaningfully, it being just sitting down for a while reading a chapter to two, making something, going for a walk, or just stopping for a bit and think about the world. Bring water to the boil, add the sugar and the zest of all the lemons and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Skip to primary content. It sounds both rude and absurd, and the imagination has found all sorts of uses for it." Some of you will know I love walking and for 2020 we have given ourself a challenge to do 20 walks we haven’t done yet. Add lemon juice, pour into sterilised bottles and seal. Read on to find out some fascinating facts about the Ness of Hillswick, St Magnus Bay and the village of Hillswick! Lactobacillus bacteria have the ability to convert sugars into lactic acid. 2. I love experimenting with sourdough but sometimes you need something quick, simple and bulletproof. They are small and oval in shape and very tasty indeed. It