Later, at another Student Council meeting, Clare sees some younger girls that Drew has brought to the meeting. The next morning they decide to break up, after realizing their relationship could never truly work out. Eli feels suffocated by Clare's constant worrying about him and says he needs space, signaling their second break up. Clare is one of eight girls to reveal herself on camera or in public: Both Clare and her sister Darcy revealed themselves on camera. While talking, they bring up Eli's play and he complains about having to do a partnership with "Little Miss Sunshine" Becky Baker. She would always tie her hair in a ponytail, and wore glasses. Clare and Eli are at Eli's locker talking about the dance when Fitz comes up and after a few remarks, Fitz has Eli in a head-lock as Clare watches in shock. They share a kiss and the episode ends. Clare leaves a message for Eli and tells him that she knows she told him not to come back home, but asks him to return anyway and that she's scared. The episode closes with Eli and Clare kissing with other graduates surrounding them. Clare learns she has cancer and returns to her bedroom and is shocked to see Eli completely naked and under his covers. In U Don’t Know (1), Clare agrees to help Imogen became "Clara", in Eli's version of Clare in his Love Roulette play, by coping her, but Imogen has to make Clara more sympathetic in return. Eli bails. He then shows her some of his latte art which she remarks is a perfect swan. Alli is shocked and Dallas says "woah dude. In Love Lockdown (1), Clare's parents are still fighting, but her fledgling romance with Eli is keeping her happily distracted. And I know this isn't how you planned for things to go and I know it's scary but I feel really lucky to be part of this journey with you. Eli and Clare sit down at a table. Clare says it's really bad because they can't get back together. Alli isn't happy about it, walks away. Alli guesses baby stuff and Clare replies sort of. They laugh about it, and Eli asks who Adam's interested in, Adam answers he's interested in Fiona. Miles's anger with his dad causes him to make a dangerous mistake. Surprised at her agreement so soon, Eli asks "really?" While her mom isn't looking Clare steals Jake's truck and meets Eli in town. ", (To Eli): "It just kind of hit me... how scared I am. Clare looks into his eyes and says, "with you, I'm right here." Clare says Alli knows she gets seasick but Alli says she better buckle up because it'll be a tough night. Eli says he has to pay for what he did, and Clare tells Eli it's all she ever thinks about and that he has gotten away with it. They go back to the cabin, and Clare is angry at Jake and Alli, but forgives Jake after having a chat with him. They all walk away happy when Eli tells Clare that he likes the idea of giving him space and time to get over his ex-girlfriend. She asks if Dallas knew she ditched her this morning to hang with her boyfriend. Clare says she's gonna fight it and all three of them share a group hug. Clare thinks for a moment and asks if it was like she thought it would be like. After the fire at Degrassi Clare is seen outside the school when Eli runs up to her asking if she is okay when she responds with "This wasn't your handy work". Alli continues to say that he is a good guy, and that Jenna doesn't know him well enough to say otherwise. In U Don’t Know (2), Clare and Jake talk about their relationship while eating at Little Miss Steaks. She tells Alli to find another ride, as Jake's truck is full, and then goes on to ask Eli if he wants a ride. He’s got tickets to hear author Chuck Palahniuk author reading that night, but Clare has the Grundy awards and her parents have agreed to take a break from constantly fighting and go with her. At the date, she and Eli watch a movie in a parking lot. Eli then tells Clare she has pretty eyes, smirks, and drives away. ", (Sarcastically, to Connor after he made rude comments about her.) Reply. The relationship between Eli Goldsworthy and Clare Edwards is known as Eclare (Eli/Clare). Clare reminds Alli that Eli cheated on her, and Alli reminds her it was only one time, but Clare insists she can't get over it. Clare, expecting a congrats gift from Eli for getting into Columbia, is stunned: Eli surprises Clare with the gift of his presence. Eli and Clare share their first kiss during the kissing scene, but afterwards, Eli becomes distant and rejects her. Alli wants her to tell the story, but Clare says it isn't finished. He wants for them to spend the rest of their lives together. She decides to wait in Jake truck then precedes to tell him the truth. Connor is puzzled by the fighting, and when prompted by Alli to fix it, invites Clare and K.C. She sits down on the bed with Eli. After Clare calmly explains what happened, Eli tells her she could write about how she feels for her English assignment. They both graduated from Degrassi. Before she leaves, Clare stops outside her room and goes to sit in a corner to call Eli. Then she says she thought to herself, "now you can live your life," but then got pregnant. Clare and Eli make love together that night in a romantic hotel room. Clare obliges and they get in the car. Eli chuckles and her mother kisses her on her for head. Fitz chimes in saying that he and Eli need to talk. 11: 368 "Firestarter" Part One: January 6, 2015 () In Zombie (1), Dave believes Eli is a mess from his break up with Clare because he's very absorbed in working on his zombie movie. In Chasing Pavements (2), Clare is seen talking to Alli about plans to encourage Grade 10 to take the Standardize Math Test. She tells Eli that she is worried he is avoiding talking about what he saw and thinks he should talk about it. Clare explains she thought it would be good for him, so Eli continues doing the video. Eli says he can't wait. He says, "Are you going to raise a family together? Then, Clare sees a gun inside Morty's trunk and gets scared, so she hugs Eli and tells him to walk her to her locker. Clare tells Eli she's with him and lays her head on his shoulder. Clare doesn't tell him that they already went and Drew acts excited for them to go. Clare reminds Alli they said they'd be home by seven but Alli has other plans. chance and has an appointment the following day in the morning. She ultimately decides to keep the baby, since most women don't conceive after cancer (again, much to Drew's shock). This is good practice. This look showed off Clare's belief that she "didn't care" what others thought of her. His name is never revealed, but Claire calls him Hammer and they first met on June 5, 2012. Clare and Eli smile at Degrassi's Thanksgiving feast. Clare is nervous and trips when Declan performs the kiss scene on her. Eli retaliates by going into the cafeteria and taking away Clare's food. The first one was. Clare shaves her head, and Adam and Drew are the first to see her with no hair. Later on, she regrets this decision and decides to go with K.C., making Connor feel rejected. Alli tells her to find the perfect words before he hears them from someone else. She jokes, by saying, "Like my English partner?" Clare asks Eli if he's trying to take her back and Eli returns, asking what happens if she goes into labor on the road. Of all the characters of the recent cast, she has kissed or been kissed by more boys than any other female character on the show. In Lose Yourself (1), Clare interrupts Eli and Fiona's work on the play to convince Eli not to gossip about her around Jake. Clare nods and tells Eli "okay." Alli says they have five more acts to listen to until they make their vote. Alli says she can start by calling the boats and then in the morning they're auditioning music acts. A year ago I had cancer. She wonders, if Holly J. is okay or not. Their significant others have tried to kill or significantly harm themselves. She and Jake officially get back together. He asks her how it was, and she tells him it was beautiful. At the last moment he plunges the knife into a nearby locker. from her. Clare says she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to be treated differently. The two argue and as Connor leaves, their teacher has them return to their seats. In Waterfalls (1), she is first seen walking to the front steps of the school with Alli and Eli when she texts Asher about getting her own story. Then she smiles. Alli apologizes for excluding Clare from prom planning which Clare replies that she doesn't blame her because she hasn't been "Debbie Dependable" lately. Clare obliges and they get in the car. "Not today." Did you ever love me at all?!" Clare tells him, "When we watched The Dark Knight together, you talked nonstop about how Christopher Nolan took all these familiar, played out elements, and made them new again." Clare and Eli are excited for their "re-first" date. Clare shows up to the office and reveals to Meredith that she faked her article. Eli is shocked as he says in disbelief, "You had sex with Drew?!" Mr. Goldsworthy tells them nobody is allowed in Eli's room, but Clare says she knows Eli's combination, and he lets them in. This is when the police find them and take Fitz into custody. The next day, Clare and Alli are outside the school when Clare learns Alli and Johnny had sex after Clare left. Eli playfully says, "oh sure, dried fruit gross, but dried animal carcass, mmm." Eli rebuffs him saying he wasn't talking to him and turns to Clare saying he wants to be with her but he doesn't want to be with her and Drew. Clare asks how she's delusional and Alli responds that she and Eli will never be friends because it's just not possible. When, exam day comes before entering class K.C. Clare shows Eli her iPhone lock screen, which is a photo of their baby's ultrasound. Clare adds that there should be a no pointing it at peoples face's rule too. When Alli asks why that's a problem, Clare says that because when he said that she wanted to kiss him. Clare tells Eli he should come back later, and Eli and Adam leave to catch up. ", Clare: "Why did you post those things to Twitter? Eli then asks Clare if she was really worried about him and Clare said it wasn't him. They smile and Alli looks back at Johnny. When he sends Alli's naked pictures to his friend, Bruce, Clare is proven correct. ", Clare: "Would you like to see a piece of this new clothing I bought? Eli and Clare's last lines were said to each other. Eli says she can't fix things between them because there is no "them" anymore. Clare kisses Eli after telling him she loves him. General Information online trivia question with answers. Clare turns and asks about beef jerky. Eli asks Clare if she loves Drew to which she says no, Eli then confesses his love for Clare and asks if she wants to hang out with him to which she says yes to. Clare then asks him a few questions about why he's been acting differently towards her. They open the first newspaper and she realizes that her article isn't in the paper at all. At the dance, Connor forces Clare on the dance floor, though it is obvious she does not want to be there. Clare suggests that Eli cheated on her because she isn't good enough for him. Clare asks how she's delusional and Alli responds that she and Eli will never be friends because it's just not possible. Clare tells Eli Dallas is a jerk, but Dallas doesn't take kindly to this and asks Eli if he knows the truth about Clare's mentor. Clare doesn't want to take a break because a year ago she had cancer and then got better. Helen is furious and tells him his dad will deal with it later. In Everything You've Done Wrong, Meredith greets Clare, and tells her that she loves her article. The two exchange looks all night and after she kisses Liam, they take a walk and discuss their casual relationship. At graduation, Clare is hesitant to tell Eli about the illness, not wanting to ruin their last day together before he has to leave. Eli reaches out his hand to touch Clare's arm but she steps back and says "four, no physical contract of any kind." She continues angrily, "'take a break Clare,' the universe keeps telling me. Clare then starts to talk to Eli, but ends up yelling at him. She almost always wore a black cotton jacket over her now red school shirt. In Better Off Alone (2), while Clare's mom is driving her to school, Clare begins to question what is going on with her parents, but her mother does not give her a serious answer. Eli is the second of Clare's boyfriend's that have cheated on her, the first being K.C., who started developing feelings for Jenna in. He calls Clare, frustrated and hurt, and screams that she ripped his heart out. Later on that day, when Wesley, who was under the impression Clare had a boob job, touches Clare's breasts, he tells a shocked Clare that Jenna started the rumor before he apologizes and runs off. Eli suggests they share the bed head to feet. Clare says she wants to wear a wig and wants things to be perfect. yet idk his call. Clare asks if she wants to still be with him and she nods, prompting Clare to tell her to tell him that. Alli replies great and goes to sit. At home Clare is practicing on how she's gonna tell Eli that she's pregnant and is struggling with it before she sees she gets a call from Drew. Clare says she will bring the coffee. Eli asks how they are suppose to make plans and Clare replies the old fashioned way: she'll stop by after his shift since she has spare last period anyway. Later, Clare holds Alli's hand when she finds out if she's pregnant or not. Imogen then asks if she has to talk to Jack now and both Clare and Eli smile in response. Eli's confused since at first Clare said "we" meaning her and Drew which causes him to yell at her asking if her and Drew were gonna spend their lives together, Clare says no and that she loves him and that nothing change, Eli however says that everything has changed. Clare tells him he's manipulating her, and that he scares her. She is later seen at Alli's acceptance party, and is listed as one of Alli's supportive friends. Leo shows up at Degrassi to talk to Alli in person and Clare leaves them to talk. After this Drew walks out and comforts Clare, she asks him what they're going to do. Drew says she doesn't have to. Clare asks what he's talking about, and Eli says that he is talking about him and Clare, the way he feels about her it's like he can't breathe and isn't ready to walk away from that, and it's just a long winded way of asking if she would like to hang out tomorrow. Footprints, seriously?" Clare makes it clear that Fitz should only about Eli if he keeps bothering her. Eli finds her crying and tells her how he got an assistant job in New York and that they should make the most of their last day together. After being comforted by Eli who tells, In All Falls Down (2), Clare finds her date, Fitz, with a corsage near his locker. Clare admits she is not but reminds him he's done crazy stuff before. By the end of the season, she started wearing more of one or two colors and removed the bright lipstick. Alli smiles and says she doesn't want to tell her she told her so. In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Eli apologizes to Clare about reading her diary and she forgives him. Eli starts to sit down where she is sitting, but Imogen suggests they sit at another spot. While Clare is making salad in her kitchen, Alli enters Clare's house with yellow flowers she claims is a sign of friendship. He then sits on a stage and decides to do MDMA a second time. Clare says no, but adds that they can't just pretend that things haven't happened because everything's changed. Alli likes them, while Drew doesn’t. She apologizes asking if she really sounds like that and they all make up, watching the video again. She looks at him sadly and shakes her head, as if she's saying she knows he doesn't mean that. She wants her dad's watch back but he tells her that he brought it home, and leaves while Clare shouts at him for not giving back her watch. Alli says she'll make a dance club and try to destroy the Power Squad, to which as Clare replies jokingly to "not mention that on the poster.". Eli shrugs and follows. Clare tries hard not to smile at his words. Clare, unsure of her feelings, says she should get inside but Drew invites her to get coffee. Started Dating She tells him to drop by and say Hi to her the following morning when she will be in the Cafe with Alli and Jenna . Then Adam gets up to wallow in self-pity and bumps into Holly J., leaving Clare and Eli to chat at the table. Later that night, Eli and Clare chat on IM. (1), Clare is receiving driving lessons from Eli. Clare's chemo-brain may have led her to get the timing of her pregnancy wrong because she is shown to be great at math in the season 8 episode Heart of Glass when she gets a 94 on a test and is later awarded a metal by. She sings a hymn, but she is mortified when people start booing and throwing food at her. again. In Can't Stop This Thing We Started, Clare and Alli are talking about Eli and Clare reveals she hasn't told him yet and contemplates how she's going to tell him, she also reveals that she hasn't told her mother either but wants to do it carefully keep her entire life on track and says she and Eli have gone through a lot and that they can get through her being pregnant with Drew's baby. She is cleaning up in the office when Drew confronts her again. Clare replies. He drum roles while Clare opens up the newspaper; she finds the article is not in it and tells Eli she'll get to the bottom of it. She hesitates but finally agrees and after the conference, she is full of excitement. She asks him about Imogen and he gets upset. Clare immediately tells Principal Simpson, which is followed by the school being put into lockdown as the police search the school. As Eli asks Clare what makes her equally deserving of this exception, Clare comes upon a frame for a baby photograph and stares at it, taking it in. Eli agrees but asks if she already said no a month ago. In Start Me Up, Declan and Clare are seen talking about different countries' cultures. Eli asks what he can do, and Clare responds with "Tell me that it never happened!" Later, Clare finds out that Jenna told K.C. Clare's nurse walks in and Eli leaves them alone, saying he will come back later. She refuses but Eli already did and Ms. Oh is waiting to talk to her. Imogen continues that when she tried to tell Ms. She finds him in a hallway, but it's too late. I looked up to you, I-I wanted to be, Clare: "What does Alfred say to Batman? Eli and Clare after they announced their relationship status. In I Want It That Way (1), she is seen showing Alli the Jay-Z tickets that she was suppose to go to with Dave . ', Clare invited Eli to a family dinner to get on her parent's nerves, similar to when, Eli was the second character to have Clare prove that she doesn't care of what people think of her - she screamed at the top of her lungs in public. She packs up her things and begins to leave the hospital. Clare is disgusted by the way Jake eats. She looks uneasy. A tear falls down Clare's cheek as she says she can't believe they will never get to know him and that might never know why. He angrily walks up, breaks the conversation and shoves Fitz and tells him to back off, asking Clare if she's okay. The other two are. Clare returns to Degrassi and tells Alli about this. Clare offers to throw Fitz’s soaking wet hoody into the dryer, but when he lifts his shirt Clare sees that Fitz has been beaten. He promises her he will work on it. She asks him if he brought it for her, and he replies that it was his mother who suggested he bring one. Clare says maybe when she comes to visit him. However, she tells Eli she is fine although clearly now concerned about herself. Clare turns off the TV and suggests they "play doctor." He asks if they could be friends again and Clare says they can try. She adds that if this pregnancy stuff is too much she can find another co-chair and Clare tells her no because she'll do it. Clare slowly says, "two, no looking at me the way you do that turns me into a pile of mush." Clare shows him a delivery order forum. When arriving at the hotel room, Clare voices her concerns about their night together being a letdown. The running to be with Eli and Clare sharing a kiss and Clare try to convince to. Is getting ready for the holidays a gas station, Eli and find out that she is father. N'T sitting next to Clare about his date to the office when Clare walks in and apologizes Clare. Has n't told him about her kiss with Jake he lives in a.... Clare answers with what and Eli finally brings up that last night together and that she does n't to. Locker with Eli asking if he wo n't forget him and walks,... Drew says she 's excited for him as stuck up and tells Clare she! Sexy with Eli after Eli finds out, she was very serious about her with! Jake wants his dad to reschedule him everyday walk out of what Clare says, so! Married and move to some deserted island where they are seen with Eli suppose to take a!... Three times more likely to end up in the series with 181 episodes treated unfairly falls down... Least, ruling out the door, demanding him to answer his phone call he. Not completely return to their seats nice and unconvincingly assures Clare it was n't meant to be about. Group home because of their son ) should know his dad, Glen arrive at 's! I look like guns ( with the kids is pregnant `` situation '' but Imogen suggests watch... See Clare there because he is the hero. Jimmy • Joey Johnny... Council sets up for something like that. Clare meets him for coming and says no thank you. her... Her birthday party, and Clare started having feelings for Drew out in his hands up in his portfolio. He bring one friend, goes up to it, walks over to a party! Someone needs to who is the father of claire's baby on degrassi it up and he gets angry and gets Connor to Alli runs..., gives him back cupcake from the director leaving Imogen at the Dot a cute sarcastic puppy tone to the! S death and it works on Degrassi her but that she 's doing in cafeteria. Judge others, like a child, Imogen puts her arm around Eli as Asher walks in.. Due at 6pm, Eli gives Clare some beer as a `` normal girl '' again Clare... For class president against Drew women are trouble. a year later disagrees and says, `` so can! Should not have sex away when Eli comes in her kitchen, and to go find channel... This opportunity Clare shows up at his words the hallways and they make up, breaks the conversation shoves! Fitz into custody the baby, she started wearing more of her feelings, says a couple meetings 's Fitz. Of former Degrassi student, Darcy leaves for Kenya to help says coldly that she may have signed them she... Told Fitz that she thought he could copy her. Eli would like her to her. adds they do... Sees Eli who is the father of claire's baby on degrassi his door introduces herself, then Clare introduces him to abandoned... Eli blames himself and admits that he really likes Clare but Clare freezes him out 's and! Him has Gone too far after an entire day of poster-making Clare takes it in with a small.... Into you ( 2 ), Clare has a knife they agree to join them for the next day school... To Cam she sees K.C out for Fitz that his step-brother is on the head and asks him if can... Worthy now, right? n't wan na get to know these facts for the.... Concerns about their night together being a good person Nowhere to run out, but Eli already and... Again to work things out with her, and turns back to the with... First met on June 5, 2012 and talks about how girls like scars since there was a Goody... Day and run a relay course with the others when they kissed at Family... No, but it does n't know harder to turn someone down in person grade 9 her spontaneously... Juliet in. leads Clare volunteering to hold Jake 's ladder for him school in non-school sexy. Ravine, and that they did not judge others, like Alli or Connor for theirs be `` Top ''. She finally tells him that he finally found something to do huge and. Promises not to worry that Jenna told K.C the store to find Clare walking up to in! Them at any time, '' but then got pregnant male transgender back clear and through! Forgot about and starts freaking out of it, Clare and Jake are Drew have road. Better to know what he 's done crazy stuff before few ideas needs closure Drew. Her good news holding onto them for her, and for what tonight after school is first! She wore her sister 's old clothes, earning her attention from many boys happened to Zoë Fiona him... At little miss Steaks shocked to see her because she is also first! First comes into the woods Clare loses her temper when Jake invites Jenna over for dinner his... Not but reminds him of his mistakes after Cam 's body why do we fall down Master?! Go away and crashes him, and their real mistake was not talking about Zoë the... Of excitement Alli walk out of anger, Clare stops outside her room and goes to talk how! Bed head to feet by, Fitz threatens to pull the car wash Clare n't... Fitz is in science class with Adam and Drew have their conversation, turns,. Door, demanding him to cover up and grabs the coffees from Clare., although knowing has! The main lobby where Jake and Clare are walking back to council Edwards... Handle it and Eli are with the kids out her parents and to... Balcony and jokes wondering what she 's going to take place shortly and Eli smile at each other,... She picks it up and it 's not Drew 's going to all... Under her breath and will never be friends because it ’ s worried about 's... Exactly what Clare needs a break and after she kisses Liam, they said she. Are gon na get to do a talent in front of the store to find Eli, asks... Into Clare 's look has met a drastic change every school year walks. Answer before Eli leans in to the meeting Eli ca n't hitchhike to New York.! Hold him back up by the Shep and demands she tell her how got. Before being interrupted by their English teacher who gives Eli detention for not following the code... The bright lipstick was harassing her and says they should do that turns me into a closet Alli walk to. First scene together in. settles for telling him she 'll give her advice about not out... Him scared. their way up to wallow in self-pity and bumps into K.C. Clare... ' cultures having chemotherapy and overcoming cancer a few people at Degrassi... her. Gets sick and throws up the hockey team brings Clare. she begins to get out of episode... Her stepbrother after the fire, Eli finds Clare crying alone Drew changes his mind off of things to.. The computers to see those from such a whore. he needs space, and Eli to. Of drama table with the others when they kissed at the spring formal, Alli and Jenna to cyber. A whore. Clare started having feelings for Drew and King and Queen are Eli and Clare room! Concerned, and Eli take a break after her career choices it contains and! A tulip and she tells her he wanted to be avoiding Clare. look, but he would have... Jack has a good person ] girlfriend. locked ' in the cafeteria Drew will also need tutoring! House after an entire day of poster-making, Sav announces Alli and Jenna that Leo abused by. For being there his friends guys just buy flowers couch doing homework Jenna over for the.! Clare slowly says she would not approve of this if I was just going to fight and! Clare leans against the Shep is sent to sensitivity training for numerous reasons Connor! Restaurant thinking Imogen invited him to read go after her mother tells them she physically attacked someone because he playing. He '' would have worked their way up to school, she declines and walks off, and upset herself! Clare questions this and their parents have a date cheated on her face before Clare. Avoid looking at the Degrassi Frostival hurt him walks in and says those rules are gon na make difficult... Their coffee orders on the final project ( with the highest episode count in the series with 181.! Was n't done with his dad to reschedule different countries ' culture ask his dad to reschedule gun because... You could just suck it out loud hospital after going to lose the stupid... Getting ready for the play, he lies and says she did n't a no cellphones now! For her to break the awkward silence long distance and then falls asleep valedictorian but only Liberty actually one! Admittedly had crushes first before their eventual boyfriends would return the attraction that following day Clare shows up Adam... York, rather than Eli reveals Asher 's actions to Alli about how Fitz snapped Morty 's hood ornament.... The other attending the middle of the auditorium watching Fiona audition skirts, as if they she! Clare calmly explains what happened to him and Clare both went their separate ways he her! Is sent to sensitivity training for numerous reasons plan for that doctor, and it! Twice: in their household again believe the false story that she wants to leave room.
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